New Unified Communications Market Study

New Unified Communications Market Study

By Blair Pleasant March 4, 2008 Leave a Comment
New Unified Communications Market Study by Blair Pleasant

Landmark Study on Unified Communications – Where it is and where it’s going

 New market study shows “True” UC market to reach $2.43 billion by 2012

COMMfusion LLC, in conjunction with UC Strategies Logo announces a new study on the growing Unified Communications market. Unified Communications (UC) means different things to different people, but essentially boils down to “Communications Integrated to Optimize Business Processes.” UC products, technologies, and solutions are significantly impacting enterprises’ approach to telephony, desktop applications, conferencing, and mobility; and both vendors and end-user customers are taking note. and COMMfusion LLC, has released Unified Communications Market 2007-2012, one of the most comprehensive studies on Unified Communications, including the drivers, challenges, key players, technology, trends, and market forecasts.

Vendors and enterprise customers should be asking many questions as they consider their forward-looking strategies. What makes up a Unified Communications solution? What will be Microsoft’s and IBM’s impact on the market? What threats do UC vendors face? How big is the market today, and where will it be in five years? How should enterprises roll out and implement their UC solutions? Is the time right for purchasing UC systems?

Unified Communications Market 2007-2012 answers these and other questions, providing insights into the UC market as it evolves. UC is changing the way enterprises purchase telephony capabilities. Early adopters are experiencing significant return on investment, as well as improvements and enhancements to customer service and productivity. Users of UC solutions are able to get their jobs done more efficiently and effectively, while transforming their businesses.

The study slices and dices the premise-based UC market in several different ways, with each method forecasting strong revenue and seat shipment growth in the coming years. Worldwide market forecasts present the individual components that make up a unified communications solution, as well as the portion of each component that will be sold as part of a UC solution. Looking at the total revenues of all the UC components, worldwide Total Gross or “UC-capable” revenues for Unified Communications is expected to grow from $9.52 billion in 2007 to $15.9 billion by 2012, for a compounded annual growth rate of 51.5%. The portion of the growth rate expected to be purchased and used for UC solutions, representing the Net or True UC market, will grow from $200.8 million in 2007 to $2.433 billion by 2012, Professional services will increase the product revenues by 18% in 2007, reaching 40% in 2012.

For more information on this research or to purchase this study, the report price is $3,495, contact  

About COMMfusion LLC

COMMfusion LLC provides consulting and market research analysis on voice/data convergence markets and technologies, aimed at helping end-user and vendor clients both strategically and tactically. Areas of focus include Unified Communications, Unified Messaging, contact center, speech technologies, and voice applications.


UC Strategies is an industry resource for enterprises, vendors, system integrators, and anyone interested in the growing Unified Communications arena. A supplier of objective information on Unified Communications, UC Strategies is supported by an alliance of leading communication industry Advisors, Analysts, and Consultants, who have worked in the various segments of Unified Communications since its inception.


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