BC Summit 2015 Videos


Keynote - "Make UC Soar - The Transformation to the Cloud" - Jay Krauser, Director, Business Development, Cloud Services, NEC (View Video)

BC Expert Session - Why Usage and Adoption Trumps Technology - BCStrategies Experts Blair Pleasant and Kevin Kieller (View Video)

Keynote - "Current Landscape and Future State of UCaaS" - Clark Peterson, President, Business Solutions Group, Vonage (View Video)

Keynote - Andrew Cammer, Global Collaboration Business Development Manager, Cisco (View Video)

Special Session - Using Workplace Transformation to Energize UC - BCStrategies Expert Joseph Williams & Cisco Partner Manager Myndi Garrett (View Video)

Special Session - The Changing Role of IT and The Shift in Technology Decision-Making - BCStrategies Experts Jon Arnold and Jim Burton (View Video)


Keynote - Jon Brinton, EVP, GM Global Cloud, Mitel and Marcy Payne, Program Management Officer, Division of InfoTech, California State University, Dominguez Hills; Moderator: Jim Burton (View Video)

BC Expert Session - Deconstructing the PBX for Flexibility and Savings - BCStrategies Expert Marty Parker (View Video)

BC Expert Session - UC Technologies That Are Going Viral - BCStrategies Experts Steve Leaden & Melissa Swartz (View Video)

BC Expert Session - The UC&C Vendor Landscape - BCStrategies Experts Blair Pleasant, Marty Parker, Dave Michels (View Video)

BC Expert Session - Managing Systems and Networks in a Multi-Vendor Environment - BCStrategies Experts Michael Finneran and Phil Edholm (View Video)

BC Expert Session - CEBP: Why Organizations, Resellers and Vendors are Failing (and How to Succeed) - BCStrategies Experts Art Rosenberg & Kevin Kieller (View Video)


Vision Presentation - "How Unified Communications and Mobility Interplay in the Future" - Anthony Bartolo, President of Mobility and Collaboration Services, Tata Communications (View Video)

BC Expert Session - Surviving the Cloud Transformation – A Channel View - BCStrategies Experts Joseph Williams and Phil Edholm (View Video)

BC Expert Session - Workstream Channel Considerations - BCStrategies Expert Dave Michels (View Video)

Vision Presentation - Joe Salisbury, Vice President, Marketing, NEC (View Video)

Vision Presentation - "The Future of Vonage: Emerging Trends in UCaaS" - Jeff Savage, VP, Strategic Development, Vonage (View Video)

Vision Presentation - "Partner Opportunity with Skype for Business" - Roy King, Senior Business Development Manager, Microsoft Enterprise & Partner Group, Microsoft (View Video)

Vision Presentation - Jeremy Laurenson, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco (View Video)

Vision Presentation - "How Mobility and Real Time Communications are Shaping the Models of Customer Engagement" - Brian Spencer, GM, Contact Center, Mitel (View Video)

BC Expert Session - The Evolving Channel Partners: From Reseller to Solutions Integrator Model - BCStrategies Experts - Dave Michels and Steve Leaden (View Video)

BC Expert Session - A UCaaS Market Assessment - BCStrategies Expert Joseph Williams (View Video)