CallTower transforms your voice and data communications into a strategic tool that gives you a competitive advantage in today's market. With the flexibility of hosted-PBX calling, messaging and collaboration, your company can better sell, service and support its customers.

With CallTower, your team uses communications strategically to better service customers and prospects. CallTower is the only hosted-PBX, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)-based communications solution provider that combines advanced applications and solutions into a convenient, scalable solution for growing businesses.

CallTower delivers hosted-PBX, VoIP-based communications solutions built with high-end features and applications not offered by other VoIP providers, and with the reliability and quality that only a Cisco-based infrastructure can offer.

CallTower provides growing companies with enterprise-class reliability, single point of support, productivity-enhancing features, a comprehensive scalable suite of vertical market applications, all communications hardware (including a T-1 line, routers, switches, and phone handsets) and 24/7 service for a fixed monthly fee.

Businesses choose CallTower for its Always-On reliability, quality and single source of service and for the competitive business sales, service and support advantage it delivers.

CallTower's outsourced solution eliminates a company's need to maintain dedicated IT resources to manage the voice and data communications infrastructure. IT resources can be deployed to service other, more pressing tasks.

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