CLP Central

CLP Central

The growing community of thousands of independent industry consultants directly influences nearly 25% of total annual network equipment and services sales through the solution recommendations they make to their clients. More and more vendors recognize the market role and influence of these consultants and want to inform and support them through what are commonly known as Consultant Liaison Programs (CLP).

CLP Central is a unique business communications resource that brings together technology vendors, consultants, and solution integrators. It is your turnkey approach to build, launch and manage an effective Consultant Liaison Program (CLP). CLP Central helps you recruit and educate the right consultants to increase their confidence and the likelihood they will recommend your solutions to their clients – your prospective customers.

How CLP Central Works

  • Join our industry CLP portal
  • Reach > 2,500 technology consultants
  • Recruit consultants active in your markets
  • Update, educate and provide consultants access to your custom resource portal
  • Track consultant interest, activity and opportunities
  • Engage the most opportune consultants

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