Why Latinos Love (and Hate) Today's Business Technologies

Why Latinos Love (and Hate) Today's Business Technologies

Grace Tiscareno-Sato and Unified Communications Strategies
Why Latinos Love (and Hate) Today's Business Technologies by Graciela Tiscareno-Sato

As a communications industry professional, I’m interested in how people feel about technologies they use. I’m especially interested in measuring the attitudes and knowledge levels of professional Latinos about today’s newest capabilities.  

This article will benefit you in three ways:

Provide insight into attitudes Latino professionals have on business technologies and the part culture plays

Describe (in non-technical terms) communications alternatives to the status quo

Give you specific takeaway actions to empower you to become an effective technology advocate so you can remain competitive in an increasingly globalized economy.

The Data

The American Hispanic consumer is heavily researched these days. The 700 hundred billion dollars in annual spending power is why.[1]  Perhaps you’ve seen this data?

  • 88% of the online Latino youth community (ages 18-34) report having profiles in either the Facebook or MySpace communities.[2]
  • With a median age of 27, the Hispanic population is the youngest of any ethnic group in the U.S.[3]
  • “Hispanics are active mobile data users, outpacing non-Hispanics on every mobile data activity we ask about.”[4]

But is anybody asking the “why” question? Why do Latinos adopt what they do?  Why do U.S-based Latinos love audio conferencing and Brazilians reject it?

Which technologies do we really love (and hate)? Why? Are we more productive now or just eroding personal time?

Sylvia Garcia-Chavez is an IBM software engineer who writes code from her home office. She has complete control over who communicates with her. Her corporate instant messaging system is Lotus Sametime which informs colleagues when she’s available to communicate, or not.

Download the full article below courtsey of  Hispanic MBA Magazine, a publication of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (www.nshmba.org)


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