Avaya Options for Nortel Customers

Avaya Options for Nortel Customers

By Jim Burton October 18, 2010 Leave a Comment
Avaya-Logo and Unified Communications Strategies
Avaya Options for Nortel Customers by Jim Burton

UCStrategies offered UC vendors the opportunity to present their migration options for Nortel customers and channel partners now that Avaya has delivered its roadmap for Nortel products. 

In this presentation, Steve Hardy, Director of Product and Solutions Marketing, Avaya, presents Avaya's options for Nortel customers.

Visit www.avaya.com to find out more about Avaya's product offerings.

For more Nortel migration options on UCStrategies.com:

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Transcript for Avaya Options for Nortel Customers

Hello everyone, thank you very much indeed for joining. My name is Steve Hardy, I’m the Director of Products and Solutions Marketing here at Avaya and I wanted to thank you all for joining as well as thank the UCStrategies team for putting on this really important event. It’s important because there are millions of enterprises small and large out there who’ve invested a substantial amount of time and money in Nortel Enterprise Systems hardware, software, and systems. I think it’s important for us at Avaya, who acquired Nortel Enterprise Systems nearly six months ago now, to really lay out a really compelling roadmap for those systems and for those customers, and really answer the question, “what should I do?” So that’s what I intend to do now: answer the two fundamental questions that I believe are out there. Why should I move, why should I migrate or upgrade my existing communication system and if I decide to do that, why I should choose Avaya over the many other system vendors out there today?

So let’s take a look at that very first question. Why should I even consider moving or migrating away from the existing systems that I have in place today? There are three really simple reasons. First of all, it can help you save money. It can lower costs immediately which can have a positive affect on your business’ bottom line. Savings are everywhere: lower your trunking cost, lower your mobility costs, and lower your cost of managing and supporting individual elements of the network. Lower the cost of powering communications systems. We’ve proven that an Avaya system can have an 80% reduction in footprint over some of our competitor’s products. That’s lower power, lower heating, lower air conditioning, lower maintenance of all of those individual systems. So the first reason is you can reduce costs really substantially.

The second reason why you should consider migrating today is the ability to better serve your customers and put more contemporary modern tools in the hands of your employees to help them do their jobs more effectively. There have been some fantastic improvements in communication and unified communication technologies over the past five years, 10 years or so, and frankly if you’re running an old system, you’re not getting the benefit of those applications. Being able to drive communications wherever your employees are whether they work from home, whether they’re mobile, whether they’re in the office, and giving them really slick, intuitive tools to do business more quickly is a really compelling reason to upgrade and migrate your systems today. Avaya can show you how customers are gaining the benefits of those types of technologies here and now, right today.

The third reason why you should consider migrating your systems is simple—it is because you can make your business more simple. With the more contemporary unified communications architecture, your business can be much more agile. You can really start to leverage the assets that you have in place whether they’re business applications, or whether they’re communications applications. Tie those together to really make the most of opportunities and business opportunities as they’re out there, so that your people can be as responsive as they need to be to address a customer question right there in the moment. So simplifying your business, being more agile is the third reason why a more contemporary communications architecture and a more contemporary unified communications suite can really help your business.

So those are the three reasons why you should consider a move today and why there’s value in leaving to a more contemporary architecture today. You can lower your costs, you can serve your customers and your employees better, and you can simplify your business and make your business more agile.

I want to move now to the second part of the question. Once I’ve chosen to do that, once I’ve chosen to migrate, why should I chose Avaya out of the many different companies out there who have unified communications applications? Well first of all, I want to hit one thing straight out of the park: Avaya is a financial viable and very solid business. One of the best examples of our stability and our viability is the $900,000,000 investment that we made in the assets of Nortel Enterprise Systems. That was testament to the confidence that our private equity backers, Silver Lake, and TPT have in our business model. That’s testament to the employees, nearly 20,000 employees, all of those two great organizations, market leading organizations. We are number one or number two in every single market that we serve in, so we are clearly a strong leader in the unified communications and contact center spaces.

The second reason why Avaya delivers a really compelling migration story is that we fundamentally believe in wrapping and embracing your existing technology. Many, many vendors out there will encourage you to rip and replace, literally take those phones, take those systems, take those years of training, years of education, and years of habits of your employees and throw them in the dumpster. With Avaya, we embrace that, we embrace all of that the great reliability, all of those great features, all of those great capabilities that you’ve come to know and love. We wrap that and add new exciting capabilities on top of that, that will allow you to reduce your costs, that will allow your business to become more agile, and allow your employees to be more productive.

In addition, study after study has shown that Avaya has a great total cost of ownership. So when you calculate not just the acquisition cost, the ongoing maintenance, the ongoing support that is required for an Avaya System, study after study show that Avaya typically have a 25 to 40% lower total cost of  ownership than some of our leading competitors. What that might mean, of course, is that you might have 25 or 40% less staff. You might have fewer budgets spent on maintaining older systems and more going into driving newer, more contemporary applications.

Since we acquired the Nortel Enterprise Systems back in December of 2009, we’ve gone to great lengths to communicate detailed roadmaps for every single product within the Nortel Enterprise Systems portfolio. Whether you’re using CS1000, whether you’re using Core Pilot, whether you’re using old systems like Meridian Mail for example, we have a very clear roadmap, steps that you can take to protect the investments that you’ve made in those Nortel Systems. The end goal from an Avaya perspective is Avaya Aura, and Avaya Aura is our centralized SIP-based architecture that runs in a virtualized environment on a very small footprint and delivers next generation unified communication collaboration and contact center applications to employees wherever they happen to be within the enterprise irrespective of the system that they happen to be connected to. What that means of course is anybody gets access to the applications they need. So one individual who happens to be in one location can have video conferencing capabilities on their desktop without the need for a substantial upgrade to the system, to the switch within their individual location. They simply get that application from the centralized Avaya Aura System. So it makes for a much more cost effective, much more agile, much more contemporary architecture and contemporary set of applications for your business.

The final reason why Avaya is the right choice for your business communications upgrade is that we have some very compelling pricing information offers in the market that you can take advantage of today. Whether you’re wanting to upgrade your core system be it an older CS1K or an Option 11 System even, we have some great promotional pricing with up to 35% off licenses. Similarly in the applications space, Meridian Mail to Core Pilot applications are substantially discounted for existing Nortel customers and then in addition we also have some great trade-in and trade up programs, where we’ll give you some substantial rewards for trading in any older systems that you might have and being able to apply that credit towards a newer system. So really compelling offers that can make upgrading and migrating existing systems pay back really quickly, and when we look at some typical scenarios what we see is that for upgrading a typical Core Switch in a large multi site environment, typically that would pay back in between eight and 14 months. So a little more than a year you could have paid back your investment in a new Avaya Aura System. For more details on how those promotional offers can benefit your business, I encourage you to speak to an Avaya Representative or one of our partner network members.

So with that I’d like to wrap up and summarize what the Avaya response is to the big fundamental questions. To recap, I think that there are some really strong compelling reasons why migrating is a great opportunity today. Your business can save money; your business can serve your customers more effectively. Your business can become more agile and respond to market demands through the use of newer more contemporary unified communications collaboration and contact center solutions, and once you’ve built that business case, you’ve built the rational for upgrading and migrating now. Why should you choose Avaya? Well, Avaya is a strong financially viable company that leads in every market segment that we play in. We have some very compelling and innovative technology, whether it’s Avaya Aura from our architectural core or throughout the many different applications which provide customer service and great unified communications and collaborations applications to your employees. Time and again we’ve demonstrated that Avaya has the lowest total cost of ownership in the marketplace, up to 40% lower than some of our leading competitors. To make it really compelling to leave now, we have some fantastic promotional offers that can help you upgrade your existing systems towards an Avaya Aura System or even trade in some of your existing equipment and get credit for it. So with that I encourage you to visit the www.avaya.com website and find out more about our great product offerings, work with an Avaya representative to learn more about the solutions. Learn more about how we could put together a compelling roadmap for you or work with one of our thousands of Avaya Connect members, our partner program for value added resellers, service providers, and systems inspectors. Thank you very much for listening.


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