ShoreTel Options for Nortel Channel Partners

ShoreTel Options for Nortel Channel Partners

By Jim Burton October 18, 2010 Leave a Comment
ShoreTel Options for Nortel Channel Partners by Jim Burton

UCStrategies offered UC vendors the opportunity to present their migration options for Nortel customers and channel partners now that Avaya has delivered its roadmap for Nortel products. 

In this presentation, ShoreTel presents its migration options for Nortel channel partners.

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Transcript for ShoreTel Options for Nortel Channel Partners

ShoreTel's partner program is designed like our products, to be brilliantly simple, and offer increased partner margins, and business profitability. In addition, ShoreTel is gaining on the competition. In demonstrating, ShoreTel wins more than 70% of the time when compared to other major competitors such as Cisco, Mitel, and Avaya. Our programs offer a compelling value proposition, and are designed with 100% channel focus—different than the competition. We know how satisfied our partners are. They tell us. Managing a high level of partner satisfaction is a measurement ShoreTel tracks closely.

We offer a 100% indirect sales model, brilliantly simple channel programs, attractive margins, and a reasonable cost of entry. We also have the lowest total cost of ownership, providing you with the ability to build a strong business of satisfied customers.

TCO results show that with a 1,500-handset installation, ShoreTel provides the lowest total cost of ownership of any major competitor, based on third party research.

Our five star champion partner program offers three levels of differentiation. It includes varying requirements and provides valuable benefits. Key requirements include technical and sales certification. To purchase the ShoreTel's unique demo kit, and the requirement to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction; a key metric of the business. The program ensures success throughout the design. And for partners who hit the ground running, completing required training, and investing in their demo kit early will see a return in their investments four times greater than other partners.

ShoreTel's distinct incentive policy provides discounts for volume, much like other vendors. But also provides discounts for customer satisfaction, allowing partners to earn additional margin, regardless of volume achievement. This program is also globally consistent, offering partners margin for disability when doing business with large enterprise customers around the globe.

ShoreTel also offers many tools for success. Some of these tools include ShoreTel's generous well-funded MDF program. Partners can earn marketing dollars to offset demand-gen activities focused on growing ShoreTel's business. ShoreTel contributes up to 50% for approved marketing activity.

Our micro site offers partners the ability to easily integrate ShoreTel in their web environment. It's a one-time installation, and it's always up to date because ShoreTel maintains the information.

Visit the knowledge base for all of your technical questions, quickly find the most recently viewed documents, or use the robust search engine to find the answers to all of your customer questions. Partners are rewarded with better support pricing for developing technical excellence, using the knowledge base, and maintaining globe technical assistance center utilization.

ShoreTel's competitive advantage increases win rate, reduces sales cycles, and increases margins. Its many industry awards add to this advantage. For example, the 2009 East Customer Excellence Award and the 2010 Everything Channel Five Star Partner Program Award. Start building your profitable business with ShoreTel today.


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