ShoreTel Options for Nortel Customers

ShoreTel Options for Nortel Customers

By Jim Burton October 18, 2010 Leave a Comment
ShoreTel Options for Nortel Customers by Jim Burton

UCStrategies offered UC vendors the opportunity to present their migration options for Nortel customers and channel partners now that Avaya has delivered its roadmap for Nortel products. 

In this presentation, Bernard Gutnick, Senior Director of Product Marketing, ShoreTel, presents ShoreTel's options for Nortel customers.

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Transcript for ShoreTel Options for Nortel Customers

ShoreTel is pleased to participate in this UCStrategies series. We know that Nortel has served you well for many, many, years and has earned your reputation for reliability. We know that ShoreTel is not as well known as Nortel or Avaya or Cisco or others, so we’ve taken a very unique approach by focusing on customer satisfaction. I’ll share with you some of the feedback from our customers and how you can formulate your long-term communications strategy.

We provide an all IP based, fully integrated business communications solution, but without the complexity of the past with other legacy systems. We fortunately have one single platform, whether it’s for ten or 1,000 or 10,000 users, so there’s no guesswork on which model is best for you; and there’s no multiple administration screens or engineering degrees needed or teams of support to bring up a new location, or give your employees 100-page manuals for figuring out how to use desktop applications. We’ve proven that if you can make solutions easy to use and easy to learn and easy to operate, you’ll get the most out of these innovations; and so we have a fundamentally unique approach not offered by any other provider that eliminates the complexity of the past with our brilliantly simple solutions.

We know every vendor has solutions and claims that they’re the best, and we know it’s about not having just desktop application and SIP gateways and PowerPoint slides. It really comes down to the experience the customer has when the vendor’s left the building. We’ve always believed that the only way you can truly measure this is by the customer’s feedback, based on their experiences with their solutions that they’ve selected, that they’ve implemented, and what they’re using to serve their customers well.

For the last six years, Nemertes Research is doing exactly that, surveying almost 1,400 customers randomly by their selections and for the second consecutive year, ShoreTel has received the highest ratings in all categories. We don’t just have customers, we have raving fans who want to go out of their way to tell people why the experience with ShoreTel is so unique. In fact, every customer, every employee of ShoreTel, and every reseller of ShoreTel, is directly compensated on our customer satisfaction ratings. So you’ve got an entire organization and an entire reseller community that wants to make you satisfied like no other provider in the world. In fact, Gartner did a similar analysis by analyzing products and they also included resellers in their analysis. We’re very pleased that in 2010 ShoreTel was rated with their highest rating, the strongest positive rating, and it’s the only vendor to have earned this prestigious designation. The full report is actually available on our website for your review.

Why do we have so many raving fans? It’s really the positive experience that they have based on what they’ve compared it to, or what they were using in the past. So for Nortel customers it doesn’t have to be a rip and replace strategy; it can be a phased implementation that I’ll talk about. Whether it’s migrating the CS1000 to ShoreTel and using the coordinated dial plans and SIP trunking between the sites, or whether you are going to migrate from Octel or from legacy unified messaging systems used by your Meridian users to our ShoreTel systems, we can certainly assist you along with multichannel contact center solutions. Whether it’s for voice or for web chat or otherwise, we really got you covered.

Take SEH America, for example. To meet their growth requirements, they were going to exceed what they could handle with their CS1000. They didn’t really want to have a Band-Aid approach with Gateways or otherwise. They decided to cap their investment, implement ShoreTel with their CS1000 network, give ShoreTel applications to their employees to meet their growth requirements, and are slowly migrating to all ShoreTel over time.

It’s the same thing with the San Francisco Giants. They were experiencing significant costs with their legacy PBX systems, the NorthStar in particular; and by moving to ShoreTel they’re saving more than $300,000 dollars a year. And they’ve become truly raving fans for us by serving their customers, their season ticket holders better than before, by custom integrating their CRM system but without incurring the complex development costs of what would have been with other providers.

We hope that when you’re evaluating your options, you can meet with some of our customers and have them tell you about their experiences with ShoreTel. We’ve got more than 700 resellers around the world that can serve you, more than 15,000 customers that have made the move to ShoreTel, and without really sacrificing the quality or the reliability that Nortel customers have really expected from a communication provider. And we can help you get started as well. We know that we have the lowest total cost of ownership. We can in many cases cut your costs in half; and we can work with you to offset the upfront costs with the legacy equipment buy-back programs and financing programs that we have available. So we want to thank you for giving the opportunity for us to earn your business just like Nortel did for many, many years in the past. And we hope when you’re formulating your communication strategy going forward you can take a look at ShoreTel solutions and we hope you can become a hero in your company and be the next raving fan for ShoreTel. Thank you very much.


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