Esna is a leading provider of real-time communication and collaboration solutions. Esna makes it easy for businesses and individuals to connect, communicate and collaborate with one another by embedding unified communications and real-time collaboration inside the applications they use everyday. Millions of people in leading businesses, educational institutions and government organizations globally rely on Esna everyday to stay connected, to drive productivity and to get work done.

Esna Makes Communicating and Collaborating Easy

10,000+ Companies Rely on Esna's Solutions Everyday

Our goal at Esna is to provide the best communication solutions with an awesome user experience, which help people to stay productive and to get work done. We believe that communicating with others should be easy and people should have the freedom to do so anytime, anywhere.

Over 25 Years of Innovation in Communication and Collaboration

Founded in 1989, Esna developed the first presence management system, instant messaging platform, and Windows based communication tools. A leader and innovator in software communications systems, Esna’s early success was founded on software solutions that included market leading features such as voicemail, chat, click-to-call, auto attendant, message broadcasting, and paging software.

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