Fonality provides business phone systems and contact center solutions designed exclusively for small and midsize businesses. Fonality is the only provider that can deliver the same user experience in the cloud and on-premise, with innovative features that help small businesses save time, communicate more efficiently and reduce costs.  We believe that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and that they should be armed with all the tools available to their bigger, enterprise competitors.

A Fonality business communications system makes it easy and cost-effective for small to mid-sized business to communicate with employees and customers.  Our solution allows them to merge all forms of communication into a single user interface available for on the desktop, mobile device or tablet. This single view offers users to see whether someone is available via phone, conference, IM chat, or email and then to contact them in the manner most expedient.   That means that customer calls aren’t met with a game of phone tag as employees chase down the person with the answer, but are instead automatically routed to the right person with the right information, right away.   Competition is fierce and customer satisfaction can make or break a small and growing company.  By enabling the SMB to work and communicate effectively, we are helping them deliver the customer experience that will drive loyalty and business growth.

Constant Pressure on Key Employees

SMB’s often have a few key “go-to” employees that they depend on for everything.  The ability to access them at all times is essential and their time is at a premium.  They need a tool that allows them to effectively and efficiently communicate within the business and be reached at all times whether in the office or out in the field.

Business Owners Need to be Every Where, All the Time

Business owners are challenged to not only be out in the field with customers selling and making deals, but also staying constantly connected with the office for daily management.  Having visibility into the activities and availability of their staff is critical. 

Business Owners Juggle Multiple Roles

Many SMB owners not only serve as the heads of the teams, but also perform multiple other critical job functions.  They need quick and immediate access to key players on their team, partners and even customers.  They need tools that can quickly help them find the right expertise and decision makers as they go.

SMB Face Tough Competition for Customers

Customer service, customer experience, customer loyalty are top priorities for a small business.  To compete, they need to act and deliver like the larger enterprises with whom they compete.   It all comes down to customer service, which requires tools and resources to effectively manage all communication with customers.  Inbound call routing (right person the first time), queue management (ASA, hold times), automated-attendant (professional greeting and routing of customer calls), call recording, employee management tools are mandatory features that enable the business owner to manage and improve customer service delivery on a real-time basis.

Limited IT and Telecom Expertise

SMBs need enterprise-level communication tools and solutions to meet their growing business goals, but many lack the IT experience and knowledge their competitors often have in-house.  They need an expert on their side that can not only implement and manage the technology required, but also act as an advisor so they stay constantly aware of new features and tools that will help them compete and grow their business.  They don’t just need an IT resource—they need a technology solution that is easy to understand, simple to manage, and within their price range. 

Capital is a Rarity for Technology

Many SMBs may face challenges with the capital outlays needed to purchase, implement and manage the systems and technologies to run their businesses competitively. They need a communications partner that can offer enterprise features at an SMB price, with the options to pay by monthly subscription, transferring that CapEx to an OpEx investment, or to pay up front according to their business needs.  For some, this leaves needed funds for other things, like marketing or business development services. 

Target Customer

Fonality is focused on delivering communication solutions to growing SMBs with 10-250 users.  Our solutions serve them with everything from simple voice/business communication solutions (>10users) to robust unified communications and advanced contact center features for customers over 25 users that to take the management of their business to the next level. 

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