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Read and hear about the latest and greatest in the UC world. Industry Buzz podcasts feature vendor interviews and exciting industry news that goes beyond the headlines to what the leading vendors are doing in the UC market. Industry Buzz helps you understand the new products, alliances, and technologies that vendors are announcing and introducing.

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Reflecting on Interactions

By Blair Pleasant June 19, 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Blair Pleasant discusses Interactive Intelligence Interactions with UCStrategies Experts who attended the event last week in Indianapolis. Also included are Don Van Doren, Jon Arnold, Marty Parker, Roberta Fox and Steve Leaden.

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Jeff Platón of Interactive Intelligence Discusses C3 – Collaboration, Communication, Customer Engagement

By Blair Pleasant June 17, 2015

Interactive Intelligence’s CMO, Jeff Platón, shares his vision of C3 – Collaboration, communication, customer engagement, and the ways that unified communications, collaboration, and the contact center are coming together to help provide better business outcomes for organizations. 

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Messaging-First Conferencing Solutions

By Dave Michels June 4, 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Dave Michels moderates a spirited discussion with the UCStrategies Experts about what he calls "messaging-first conferencing solutions," such as those provided by Acano, Biba, Slack, and Unify Circuit, Cisco Spark, and Interactive Intelligence Collaborate. Also participating are UC Experts Dave Stein, Michael Finneran, Phil Edholm, Evan KirstelJon Arnold, Kevin Kieller, and Steve Leaden.

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UCStrategies Reflects on NEC Advantage 2015

By Jim Burton June 2, 2015

UCStrategies was well represented at the recent NEC Advantage Conference in Chandler, AZ. In this Industry Buzz podcast, Jim Burton moderates a discussion about the event. Also participating are Steve Leaden, Phil Edholm, Melissa Swartz, Dave Michels, J.R. Simmons, and Roberta J. Fox.

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UCStrategies on Microsoft Ignite

By Jim Burton May 21, 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Jim Burton moderates a conversation about Microsoft Ignite, with UC Experts Blair PleasantMichael FinneranMarty ParkerSteve LeadenDon Van DorenPhil EdholmDave Michels, and Kevin Kieller.

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UCStrategies Reviews Gartner Magic Quadrant for Midsize Enterprises

By Dave Michels May 15, 2015

Gartner released its first Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications for Midsize Enterprises, North America. In this Industry Buzz podcast, Dave Michels moderates a discussion about the report, with UCStrategies Experts Kevin Kieller, Roberta J. Fox, Steve Leaden, and Dave Stein.

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UCStrategies Reviews ShoreTel One Partner Conference

By Blair Pleasant May 7, 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts discuss the 2015 ShoreTel One Partner Conference, held in Orlando, April 29-May 1. The conversation is moderated by Blair Pleasant, with Experts Melissa Swartz, J.R. Simmons, and Dave Michels.

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Windows Phone - Is Anyone Calling?

By Michael F. Finneran May 1, 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the discussion is about the prospects for Microsoft in the smartphone business. The conversation is moderated by Michael Finneran, and includes UCStrategies Experts Phil Edholm, Roberta Fox , and J.R. Simmons.

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What's Happening in the Mid-Market?

By Phil Edholm April 17, 2015

In this UCStrategies podcast, the UCStrategies Experts discuss the current state of the unified communications mid-market: organizations in the range of 250 to 2,000 seats. Phil Edholm is the moderator, and is joined on the podcast by Experts Marty Parker, Blair PleasantDave Michels, Roberta J. FoxJon Arnold, and J.R. Simmons.

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Living in a Multi-Vendor World – Is BCOM a Key to Success?

By Phil Edholm April 1, 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts welcome guests from VOSS Solutions, Unimax, and Kurmi Software to discuss "BCOM" - Business Communications Operations Management. Phil Edholm moderates the conversation, with Experts Kevin Kieller, Marty Parker, Blair Pleasant, and Art Rosenberg. Guests include Christopher May, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for VOSS Solutions, Phil Moen, CEO of Unimax, and Abdel Kander, CEO of Kurmi Software.

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UCStrategies Reviews Enterprise Connect 2015

By Michael F. Finneran March 30, 2015

UCStrategies was well represented at Enterprise Connect 2015, presenting, moderating, and participating on panels. In this Industry Buzz podcast moderated by Michael Finneran, the UCStrategies Experts discuss what made this year's event stand out. The conversation includes Jim BurtonBlair Pleasant, Don Van DorenKevin Kieller, Phil Edholm, Evan KirstelSteve Leaden, and Dave Michels.

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UCStrategies Experts Preview Enterprise Connect 2015

By Jim Burton March 10, 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts preview Enterprise Connect 2015, March 16-19, in Orlando. Jim Burton is the moderator, and is joined by Marty Parker, Michael Finneran, Dave Michels, Blair Pleasant, Phil Edholm, Kevin KiellerSteve Leaden, Dr. Joseph Williams, and Art Rosenberg

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Stan Corporeau of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise on “Outcomes” for Customers and Partners

By Blair Pleasant March 9, 2015

At Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s partner forum, Stan Corporeau, Senior Director, Head of Communications, Product Marketing  talks about “outcomes,” ALU-E’s cloud solutions, and the focus on specific verticals such as hospitality and retail, and the impact for customers and channel partners.

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UCStrategies Gives Free Advice

By Dave Michels February 26, 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts offer free advice to the following unified communications constituencies: CIO's, vendors, contact centers, carriers and service providers, and start-ups. Dave Michels moderates the discussion, which includes Art Rosenberg, Phil Edholm, Don Van Doren, Marty ParkerMichael FinneranSteve LeadenKevin Kieller, and Clark Richter.

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Voice Quality: Heading in the Right Direction?

By Phil Edholm February 12, 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Phil Edholm leads a discussion about his recent article about the degradation of VoIP voice quality, "VoIPmageddon: Is Quality Leading to a Telephony Meltdown?" UCStrategies Experts on the podcast include Steve Leaden, Kevin Kieller, J.R. SimmonsEvan KirstelRoberta Fox, and Jon Arnold.

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Getting Engaged in Cancun

By Blair Pleasant February 3, 2015

At the Avaya Executive Partner Forum, a few analysts got to hear from Avaya execs about Avaya’s various cloud offerings, as well as the company’s focus on two types of engagement – Team Engagement and Customer Engagement. Team Engagement is the next step beyond unified communications and collaboration, and Customer Engagement focuses on the customer experience and related contact center capabilities. We also heard about the Avaya Engagement Platform, which uses reusable snap-ins to enable partners to create apps to provide the outcomes that customers are looking for. 

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UC in Telemedicine

By Joseph Williams January 29, 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Dr. Joseph Williams moderates a conversation with the UCStrategies Experts about the emergence of unified communications in telemedicine, and the challenges and opportunities that make up the delivery of health care services remotely. The conversation also includes Art Rosenberg, Steve Leaden, and Marty Parker.

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Kenny Heitner of Consolidated Technologies, Inc. on Avaya, the Cloud, and More

By Blair Pleasant January 28, 2015

At the Avaya Executive Partner Forum, Blair Pleasant chats with one of Avaya’s channel partners to discuss Avaya, trends, and the future.

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Aspect's CMO on the Cloud and Other Changes at Aspect

By Blair Pleasant January 26, 2015

At Aspect’s Analyst Conference, Jim Freeze, Aspect’s CMO, discusses the cloud and other drivers impacting the contact center and consumer engagement.

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UCStrategies Yes or No Game

By Dave Michels January 22, 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Dave Michels moderates the UCStrategies version of the "Yes or No?" game. Dave reads a unified communications-related statement and calls on UC Experts to offer opinions on whether the statement is accurate or not. Participating this week are Experts Michael FinneranMarty ParkerSteve LeadenArt RosenbergKevin Kieller, Roberta Fox, and Martin Steinmann.

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