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Read and hear about the latest and greatest in the UC world. Industry Buzz podcasts feature vendor interviews and exciting industry news that goes beyond the headlines to what the leading vendors are doing in the UC market. Industry Buzz helps you understand the new products, alliances, and technologies that vendors are announcing and introducing.

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HP's UC Reference Architectures

By Marty Parker August 28, 2013

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts hear from HP about the company's new UC Reference Architectures. Alan MacLeod, HP's director of UC&C Initiatives, and Jan Kelly, of UC&C Product Strategy, join moderator Marty Parker, and Kevin KiellerDr. Joseph WilliamsRoberta J. Fox, Clark Richter, Phil EdholmMichael FinneranSteve Leaden, and Art Rosenberg.

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UCStrategies Experts on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UC - 2013

By Marty Parker August 27, 2013

The UCStrategies Experts review the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UC (2013), in this Industry Buzz podcast moderated by Marty Parker. The conversation also includes Don Van DorenDave MichelsPhil Edholm, Dr. Joseph Williams, Roberta J. Fox, Clark RichterArt RosenbergSteve Leaden, and Michael Finneran.

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By Dave Michels August 19, 2013

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts address return on investment (ROI) in UC. The conversation is moderated by Dave Michels, who is joined by Steve LeadenMarty ParkerDon Van DorenDr. Joseph WilliamsKevin KiellerBill MacKayMichael FinneranArt RosenbergPhil EdholmJon Arnold, and Roberta J. Fox.


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UC Pitfalls and Opportunities

By Blair Pleasant August 1, 2013

The technology aspect of unified communications often receives most of the attention, but this week the UCStrategies Experts turn their attention to people and processes in a conversation about UC pitfalls. The discussion is moderating by Blair Pleasant, who is joined by Jon ArnoldKevin Kieller, Marty Parker, Dave Michels, Dr. Joseph WilliamsArt RosenbergMichael Finneran, Bill MacKayPhil Edholm, Roberta J. Fox, and Steve Leaden.

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Where Will Mobility Take Us?

By Michael F. Finneran July 26, 2013

Recent articles with conflicting viewpoints on the topic of the "Mobile Revolution" spawned this Industry Buzz podcast. The UCStrategies Experts discuss the future of mobility, wearable devices, and the possibility of a backlash as privacy concerns mount. The podcast is moderated by Michael Finneran, and includes Dave MichelsRoberta J. FoxArt RosenbergPhil Edholm, Bill MacKayClark RichterSteve Leaden, and Kevin Kieller.

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Project Ansible

By Jim Burton July 18, 2013

This week the UCStrategies team welcomes Chris Hummel, CCO of Siemens Enterprise Communications, to the Industry Buzz Podcast. The topic is the just-announced Project Ansible. Joining moderator Jim Burton are Steve Leaden, Blair Pleasant, Dave Michels, Art RosenbergMarty Parker, Phil Edholm, and Dr. Joseph Williams.

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Optimizing Unified Communications

By Blair Pleasant July 12, 2013

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies team discusses Blair Pleasant's recently published article, "Introducing Optimized Communications," where she contends that we’re now entering the next phase of business communications, "Optimized Communications." Blair Pleasant moderates the discussion, and is joined by Marty Parker, Art Rosenberg, Dave Michels, Roberta J. Fox, Clark Richter, Phil Edholm, and Steve Leaden.

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UCStrategies Reviews June Events: Avaya, Mitel, Siemens and WebRTC Conference and Expo

By Dave Michels July 9, 2013

In this week's Industry Buzz podcast, Dave Michels leads a discussion about June events attended by UCStrategies Experts, with Phil Edholm, Steve Leaden, Roberta J. Fox, Bill MacKay, Marty Parker, Art Rosenberg, Jon Arnold, Blair Pleasant, and Tsahi Levent-Levi.

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Chris Hummel Discusses Project Ansible

By Blair Pleasant June 24, 2013

At the Siemens Enterprise Communication analyst conference, the company previewed a new enterprise communications and collaboration platform, code named Project Ansible.

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What is the WebRTC Opportunity for the Channel?

By Dave Michels June 14, 2013

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts discuss the opportunities that WebRTC presents the channel, specifically resellers, distributors, and consultants. Dave Michels moderates the conversation, along with Phil Edholm, Tsahi Levent-Levi, Kevin Kieller, Jim Burton, and Steve Leaden.

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The Future of IT

By Dave Michels May 31, 2013

This week's UCStrategies Industry Buzz podcast is a reaction to a recent article proclaiming "IT is Dead." Here to discuss the future of IT departments are moderator Dave Michels, and Jon Arnold, Kevin Kieller, Marty Parker, Michael Finneran, and Steve Leaden.

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UCStrategies on Wireless Devices

By Michael F. Finneran May 17, 2013

This week the UCStrategies Experts discuss wireless devices. The conversation is moderated by UCStrategies' mobility expert Michael Finneran, and includes Marty Parker, Dave Michels, and Kevin Kieller.


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UC Summit 2013 Takeaways

By Blair Pleasant May 9, 2013

UC Summit 2013, UCStrategies' annual gathering of UC vendors, solutions integrators and consultants, was held April 28-May 1 in La Jolla, CA. In this Industry Buzz podcast, several of the UCStrategies Experts who were in attendance offer their thoughts on this year's event. Dave Michels, Jon Arnold, Art Rosenberg, Kevin Kieller, Michael Finneran, and Steve Leaden join moderator Blair Pleasant.

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Cisco Customer Collaboration and The Internet of Everything

By Blair Pleasant May 6, 2013

Chris Botting and Ross Daniels of Cisco's Customer Collaboration group discuss The Internet of Everything and how it relates to the contact. They also discuss Cisco's Packaged Contact Center, as well as recent channel partner activities and events.

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Conferencing in the UC Conversation

By Marty Parker May 1, 2013

Joining the UCStrategies Experts in a discussion of conferencing is David Frankel, CEO of ZipDX. Marty Parker moderates the podcast which includes Dave Michels, Art Rosenberg, Michael Finneran, Phil Edholm, and Jon Arnold.

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UC Innovation

By Dave Michels April 18, 2013

Fresh from Enterprise Connect 2013, the UCStrategies Experts take a look at companies doing innovative things in the UC space. Dave Michels leads the discussion and is joined by Experts Jim Burton, Phil Edholm, Art Rosenberg, Jon Arnold, Marty Parker, and Blair Pleasant.

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UCStrategies Looks at UC Consolidation

By Don Van Doren April 4, 2013

The UCStrategies Experts take a look at the consolidation going on in unified communications; some of the surprising mergers from the recent past, and what to look for on the horizon. Don Van Doren moderates this Industry Buzz podcast, and is joined by Marty Parker, Jon Arnold, Steve Leaden, Dave Michels, Michael Finneran, and Blair Pleasant.

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UCStrategies Review of Enterprise Connect 2013

By Jim Burton March 28, 2013

In this Industry Buzz podcast moderated by Jim Burton, the UCStrategies Experts deliver their impressions of Enterprise Connect 2013, held March 17-20 in Orlando. The discussion includes Blair Pleasant, Marty Parker, Phil Edholm, Don Van Doren, Michael Finneran, Steve Leaden, Kevin Kieller, and Art Rosenberg.

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Plivo - at Enterprise Connect 2013

By Blair Pleasant March 27, 2013

Mike Lauricella from Plivo discusses how Plivo makes it easy for customers to build applications such as conferencing solutions leveraging WebRTC.

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Enterprise Connect 2013 in Surround Sound

By Jim Burton March 14, 2013

In a special Industry Buzz podcast previewing Enterprise Connect 2013, the UCStrategies Experts use new conferencing technology that will be demonstrated at next week's event. The partnership between Dolby and BT Conferencing aims to transform the user experience around conferencing with spatial audio. (Use a stereo headset or stereo speakers to experience the full effect.) Jim Burton moderates the podcast, and welcomes guests Andrew Border, Vice President of Dolby Voice, and Daniel Edwards, Vice President of Marketing for BT Conferencing. Also taking up virtual positions around the conference table in today's conversation are UCStrategies Experts Don Van Doren, Jon Arnold, Michael Finneran, Marty Parker, Dave Michels, Steve Leaden, Phil Edholm, and Art Rosenberg.

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