Disruption: It’s not Just an election thing!

Disruption: It’s not Just an election thing!

By UCStrategies October 19, 2016 Leave a Comment
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Disruption: It’s not Just an election thing! by UCStrategies

In the last two disruption cycles, Cisco used its market muscle from the adjacency in the IP data network to become a market leader in VoIP-based PBXs, and Microsoft used a similar dominant position in Personal Productivity software (Office) to win a major percentage of UC deployments (Skype for Business).

Now two huge web companies, Facebook and Salesforce, are moving into traditional telecom spaces. With Salesforce offering contact center extensions from its popular CRM application, and Facebook announcing Workplace, a business communications and collaboration platform, disruption of the communications market seems to be happening again.

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Phil Edholm moderates a conversation on this topic with UC Experts Marty Parker, Dave Smith and Roberta J. Fox.

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