Genesys CMO on the Customer Experience

Genesys CMO on the Customer Experience

By Blair Pleasant April 10, 2014 1 Comments
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Genesys CMO on the Customer Experience by Blair Pleasant

In this videocast with UCStrategies' Blair Pleasant, Reed Henry, CMO of Genesys, discusses some of the biggest changes at Genesys, and explains how Genesys views customer experience and the customer journey.


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Art Rosenberg 4/13/2014 8:04:43 AM

Looks like Genesys is headed in the right direction with its focus on multimodal "mobile apps" in the 'clouds" (Echopass), as starting points for smartphone-based customer self-services, coupled with more flexible access to live assistance, vs. the old call center telephony approach of starting with an inbound phone call to an agent and limited to voice-only information exchange.

They also have recognized the increased power of non-voice outbound notifications and alerts for initiating proactive customer contacts through smartphones and facilitating faster personalized access to online services. (I am waiting to see them call their next generation of contact center offerings "Interaction Centers," which will better integrate customer self-services and live customer assistance.)

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