Reviewing the Latest (and Greatest) BC Summit

Reviewing the Latest (and Greatest) BC Summit

By Jim Burton November 15, 2016 1 Comments
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Reviewing the Latest (and Greatest) BC Summit by Jim Burton

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts review the recently concluded BC Summit 2016, held November 1-3 in Palm Springs, California. Discussion topics include overall impressions and takeaways, trends seen in this year's agenda, the new venue (La Quinta Resort & Club), and sponsors that shaped the event. 

Jim Burton moderates the conversation, with Michael FinneranMarty Parker, Blair Pleasant, Dr. Joseph Williams, Jon ArnoldDave Michels, Kevin Kieller, and Steve Leaden.

Refer to the time codes below for each speaker:

  • Jim Burton
  • Michael Finneran (:31)
  • Marty Parker (2:05)
  • Blair Pleasant (6:15)
  • Jim Burton (10:33)
  • Joseph Williams (11:03)
  • Jon Arnold (14:00)
  • Dave Michels (17:58)
  • Jim Burton (22:47)
  • Kevin Kieller (23:20)
  • Steve Leaden (27:48)
  • Jim Burton ((31:25)

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    1 Responses to "Reviewing the Latest (and Greatest) BC Summit" - Add Yours

    Chuck Lear 11/15/2016 9:05:32 PM

    Great Conference and enjoyed the presentations. I enjoyed the presentations and the locations. Maybe try to locate our rooms in the area between the tennis courts and the ballroom, evening events could be around the pools and open spaces.

    I liked the three legged approach creators, sellers/advisors and buyers. As a buyer I would have liked to also hear from our perspective more. :)

    The conversations outside the presentations were invaluable and the evening events created a very good and meaningful opportunity for everyone to dive into the conversation they wanted to have.

    One of the best conferences I have attended.

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