UC Experts Discuss Cloud Computing and UC

UC Experts Discuss Cloud Computing and UC

By Jim Burton August 24, 2009 Leave a Comment
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UC Experts Discuss Cloud Computing and UC by Jim Burton

UCStrategies.com's expert UC panel discussed cloud computing and its impact on unified communications. Jim Burton, CXO of UCStrategies.com, led the discussion with a history of the evolution of cloud computing from its conception in 1964. Dave Michels discussed the difference between cloud services and cloud computing and the underlying technology. Dave also pointed out the relevance of cloud computing to the end user is dependent upon the features or capabilities, the economic impact, and the impact on the organization.

Jim commented on Amazon’s use of cloud services which led to the discussion of how Siemens is using Amazon’s resources to effectively set up a robust, comprehensive VoIP system using cloud services and cloud computing.

Blair Pleasant then discussed Mitel’s and VMware's ability to virtualize real time voice operations. Jon Arnold joined in with his observations of the impact of tier two players entry into cloud computing, including cloud collaboration, on legacy based vendors and tier one players. Marty Parker extended the conversation into Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft’s cloud computing/cloud services models.

The UC expert panel included Jon Arnold, Jim Burton, Michael Finneran, Dave Michels, Marty Parker, and Blair Pleasant.


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