UC Management - Why It Is So Important

UC Management - Why It Is So Important

By UCStrategies December 27, 2016 1 Comments
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UC Management - Why It Is So Important by UCStrategies

The topic of this Industry Buzz podcast is UC Management, both Monitoring and Assurance, and Operations/Configuration (BCOM). UCStrategies invites Robin Gareiss, President of Nemertes Research, to discuss the new Nemertes report, Take Action to Reduce Rising UCC Costs.

Phil Edholm moderates the conversation, with UCStrategies Experts Steve Leaden, Marty Parker, Joseph Williams, Evan KirstelDon Van Doren, Blair Pleasant and Roberta J. Fox.

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Peter Huboi 1/3/2017 12:39:43 PM

Great topic. A couple of observations:

1. Why most vendors don't show management solutions in the executive briefing center sales meeting

For years, while at Nortel, I demonstrated the management solutions for the CS1000. It takes a lot of knowledge and practice to demonstrate management solutions. I ended up doing ~5-6 customer presentations per week as most sales engineers could not balance the level of demonstration required within a 30-60 minute timeframe devoted to the management portion of the customer presentation. The problem was that, if they adequately learned the tools, they would go too far into one particular aspect of the management demo and not have time to cover the other 10 areas they needed to cover. Tip for vendors--show where in the management tool you might do a task without showing the actual doing of the task which takes too much time to show. In other words, mostly show management tool navigation and easy to view reports rather than show your inadequate typing speed of actually changing something.

2. Autodial, speedcall, and directories

UC is quite different from the PBX. As a user, I love the fact that with Skype for Business, I can manage my "favorites" list from my Skype for Business client and these favorites magically appear on my Polycom VVX phone with no IT support change request needed and I have fast access to the favorites contact cards and can see their presence status before I call them. Another recent feature addition is the ability to find contacts from a email distribution list from the phone. Contrast this with my PBX experience of having to request remote changes from the help desk. Even today, programming an autodial key on a phone with a user name may be possible for the user to do themselves, but it can really be time consuming compared to the Skype for Business "favorites" example I gave.

3. QoE stats from the phone are "must have". Ask your vendor how QoE stats are me

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