UC Summit 2011 - IBM Keynote

UC Summit 2011 - IBM Keynote

By Blair Pleasant April 6, 2011 Leave a Comment
IBM-Logo and Unified Communications Strategies
UC Summit 2011 - IBM Keynote by Blair Pleasant

UC Summit 2011, presented by UCStrategies, was held March 27-30, 2011, at Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa in La Jolla, CA. IBM was a Platinum sponsor of the three-day event, and their keynote speaker was Caleb Barlow, Director IBM Unified Communications and Collaboration. The topic of his presentation was "The future of unified communications is social: an IBM perspective."

In a unique format that offers numerous opportunities to each of the constituencies, the UC Summit brings together vendors, "Solutions Integrator" executives, and end-user consultants for three days of learning, networking and relationship building. The UC Summit is the only channel-focused event for the convergence/unified communications industry. Covering the topics of VoIP, mobility, UM, collaboration, video, security, network management, hosted solutions, social media and more, the UC Summit offers attendees the opportunity to learn actionable best practices, strategies and tactics from leading vendors and UC pioneers.

The video clip below is a portion of Mr. Barlow's presentation.

Also on UCStrategies.com about IBM's keynote: UC Summit 2011 Podcast: IBM, a conversation with Caleb Barlow.

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