UCStrategies Experts Look Ahead to 2014

UCStrategies Experts Look Ahead to 2014

By Marty Parker January 21, 2014 Leave a Comment
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UCStrategies Experts Look Ahead to 2014 by Marty Parker

The UCStrategies Experts look ahead to 2014 in this Industry Buzz podcast, with trends and predictions. Marty Parker is the moderator, and is joined by Jim Burton, Dr. Joseph Williams, Dave Michels, Art Rosenberg, Phil Edholm, Blair Pleasant, Bill MacKay, Michael Finneran, Don Van Doren, Jon Arnold, Steve Leaden, Roberta J. Fox.

Refer to the time codes below for each speaker.

  • Marty Parker
  • Jim Burton (:50)
  • Joseph Williams (2:38)
  • Dave Michels (5:23)
  • Art Rosenberg (7:02)
  • Phil Edholm (8:17)
  • Blair Pleasant (11:02)
  • Bill MacKay (12:49)
  • Michael Finneran (15:15)
  • Don Van Doren (16:18)
  • Jon Arnold (18:30)
  • Steve Leaden (22:04)
  • Roberta J. Fox (24:27)
  • Marty Parker (29:10)

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