UCStrategies Predictions for 2016

UCStrategies Predictions for 2016

By UCStrategies January 8, 2016 Leave a Comment
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UCStrategies Predictions for 2016 by UCStrategies

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts take a look ahead to 2016 and predict what will happen in unified communications (UC). Michael Finneran moderates the conversation, which includes Marty ParkerDon Van Doren, Dr. Joseph Williams, Jon Arnold, Blair Pleasant, Roberta J. Fox, Simon Dudley, Kevin Kieller, Dave Stein, Steve Leaden, and Phil Edholm.

Refer to the time codes below for each speaker:

  • Michael Finneran
  • Marty Parker (1:56)
  • Don Van Doren (4:02)
  • Joseph Williams (6:52)
  • Jon Arnold (8:44)
  • Blair Pleasant 10:11)
  • Roberta J. Fox (12:25)
  • Simon Dudley (14:37)
  • Kevin Kieller (16:59)
  • Dave Stein (20:09)
  • Steve Leaden (23:41)
  • Phil Edholm (27:05)
  • Michael Finneran (31:05)


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