UCStrategies Yes or No Game

UCStrategies Yes or No Game

By Dave Michels January 22, 2015 Leave a Comment
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UCStrategies Yes or No Game by Dave Michels

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Dave Michels moderates the UCStrategies version of the "Yes or No" game. Dave reads a unified communications-related statement and asks the UC Experts whether it's accurate or not. Participating this week are Experts Michael FinneranMarty ParkerSteve LeadenArt RosenbergKevin Kieller, Roberta Fox, and Martin Steinmann.

Refer to the time codes below for each statement.

Yes or No: 

  • Social collaboration such as Circuit and Project Squared take-off and attract lots of new competition. (:52)
  • Climate change or some other socio/political agenda begins to dramatically change the way we work. (5:00)
  • Enterprises and employees finally embrace UC mobile clients on their smartphones. (9:35)
  • Microsoft’s venture into hosted enterprise-voice backfires because carriers and  service providers initiate a rebellion. (15:00)
  • Enterprises shift more than 50 percent of users to cellular-only in the next 12 months. (19:00)
  • More companies follow Coke and eliminate voice mail. (24:29)
  • The biggest driver for enterprise UC upgrades will be enterprise-wide video. (31:37)
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