Webinar Replay: Avoiding UC Implementation Failure

Webinar Replay: Avoiding UC Implementation Failure

By UCStrategies December 3, 2015 Leave a Comment
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Webinar Replay: Avoiding UC Implementation Failure by UCStrategies

UC environments that include multiple vendors, systems, applications, interfaces, and devices present multiple ways to fail. Even "success" is measured in degrees and leaves ongoing issues and required optimization on the table. 

This webinar focused on one critical objective: ensuring that you are highly successful in managing your current UC environment despite its complexity. UCStrategies Expert Phil Edholm, and leading vendors, discuss how Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) is a critical component of UC success. 

Questions addressed: 

  • How can UC be deployed faster and with less risk? 
  • What are the best methods for reducing the total cost of UC? 
  • What are the most effective ways to automate redundant, administrative tasks such as provisioning and MACDs? 
  • How can BCOM provide technical and administrative teams with more time to focus on critical work? 
  • How can BCOM integrate UC with other corporate systems to drive communication-enabled business processes? 
  • How can BCOM improve end-user adoption of valuable UC functions? 
  • How does BCOM compare to other UC management strategies? 

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