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Kurmi Software

Unified Communication (UC) is about enhancing the way people interact with their customers, partners, and colleagues. UC solution management should enable users by supplying comprehensive tools exactly when they expect them. However, today’s native management interfaces remain complex and vendor-specific. The compounding effects of talent scarcity, the best-of-breed nature of most UC deployments, and the mundane nature of many management tasks make it very difficult to ensure adequate UC service support. Kurmi Software equips you to streamline, simplify, delegate, and integrate UC management workflows.

A Multi-Vendor Unified Communications Management Technology

Kurmi Software develops and markets software solutions dedicated to the management of unified communication services and resources, including the activation, deployment, and daily management of all the component types that comprise a unified communications system.

We serve commercial and government organizations, including multi-national cloud service providers that are seeking to streamline the management and optimisation of their UC solutions. We created a comprehensive suite of solutions capable of interacting with major vendor UC system components, applying a user-centric approach.

With over two-thirds of our staff focused in R&D, Kurmi Software is passionate about placing innovative technology at the heart of its development strategy.

By 2013, Kurmi Software generated over 4 million dollars in revenue, more than half of which came from outside the domestic market of France.

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