bigtincan Unveils Next Generation Enterprise Content Solution for Mobile Devices

bigtincan Unveils Next Generation Enterprise Content Solution for Mobile Devices

By Paul Robinson November 20, 2012 Leave a Comment
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bigtincan Unveils Next Generation Enterprise Content Solution for Mobile Devices by Paul Robinson

At the beginning of November bigtincan (BTC) unveiled BTC hub – an enterprise content and productivity solution for mobile devices that link with advanced server side control with built in content intelligence that users leverage to get the highest value content at the right time and in the correct context, unlocking the value of the social enterprise while helping the content author to understand its use and be able to improve it in real time. In addition, users can interact with, edit, view, annotate and create directly within BTC hub.

Today, the very definition of “corporate content” today has changed – it’s no longer just a list of .xls and .pdf files in a folder called “Marketing Materials.” Content for real knowledge workers is varied. In addition to files, it includes HTML5 mini apps, cached web links, AJAX forms, animated PowerPoint files, RSS feeds, Twitter #tags, corporate Facebook pages, and lots more. So solving this content management problem, and taking advantage of this mobility revolution opportunity can be even more complex than ever before.

The server component of BTC hub can be hosted in the public cloud or on a virtual machine in a corporate datacenter allowing the enterprise to make its individual choice for cost and security. It enables the following:

  1. Content publishers can push the right content to the right user at the right time

  2. Content consumers can see not only what has been sent directly to them, but they get to see some key metrics like what content pieces other people in their group have been using and how they rate them

  3. Content publishers can see what users actually do with their content, how they use it in the field and how they learn from each other when using it – and content publishers can make changes to their content in real time – and have it automatically updated on thousands of devices in the field instantly.

Key Features Delivered to Line of Business and IT Professionals

BTC hub is designed to be intelligent, secure and social and present content in a way that people want to consume it.


BTC hub uses a content store architecture, where content is added dynamically to a server and referenced from a database. With the creation of an internal content store, the enterprise can control access to data through role-based permissions which ensure that content is only viewable and/or editable by the intended recipient. The application also provides location-based content control that can prevent users from accessing content in specific places.

Client devices use secure APIs to interrogate the database and are then referenced to files on the file server. These files are then retrieved and displayed on the client device using SSL communications encrypting the link that the end device is using to get access to the server information. Moreover, content pieces can be automatically removed from the device based on an expiry time set. Want to automatically remove those restricted documents after the board meeting? Just set the expiry date, and it will be removed automatically from all the devices with no user intervention.

BTC hub incorporates technology to detect jailbroken iOS devices. This ensures that the organization does not expose secure content to devices that have been jailbroken. This technology, in combination with the Apple iOS-delivered encryption, delivers a secure structure for controlling highly secure content.

Content Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges for everyday users of information is the explosion of content that is available to people. Content comes from the Internet, internal document management systems, and even across multiple network file servers and local files on personal computers. For everyday users, finding a way of getting access to the right information from this mess of content is a major challenge. Finding a systematic way to help these people understand what is good content across the organization and helping users get access not just to the entire set of content but to content organized for their use in a specific situation is pivotal to increasing organizational agility and productivity.

BTC has created a tool that understands the behavior of users, measuring every interaction with content – how they use it, share it, edit it, and more. Called ContentIQ, BTC’s system lets the organization and the users themselves immediately understand the value of content with a richly based but simple “content score” along with user scores and a social badging system that everybody enjoys using. Once the content is added to the system, the client device reports back to centralized data store information about content usage, including but not limited to – which user uses which piece of content, what pages of a document are viewed, how long a document is viewed, if the content is forwarded or shared within or from the system, what rating a series of users gave the content, comments made on the content by a series of users, what time of day the content was used and which location the content was used from and a range of other potential factors influencing the use of the content.

The server can create calculated sets of information referring to content that has been added to the system that a user – or set of users – would find relevant to their work or personal interest needs. The relevance of the content is determined by analyzing a number of factors from the data obtained from the external device including: how others in a similar group have used the content, how long they have used it and if they have used it in a similar or related location.

Document Handling

Document management functionality empowers users to directly edit, mark-up and organize nearly any form of content including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, HTML5 content, videos, eBooks, podcasts and more. The application also features animated PowerPoint presentations and Adobe Flash rendering making the experience more engaging and interactive.


BTC hub includes SocialIQ – a unique, real-time content metrics system that tracks who is doing what with materials. The application delivers several strong "social" features like content rating, subscribing and sharing – helping users identify and prioritize interesting content and engage with peers in real-time "on-content" collaboration. The SocialIQ score helps you find the right person at the right time.

What This Means to Customers

BTC hub is all about: (1) how content is organized, displayed and presented to the right people at the right time; and (2) making sure that the system actually gets smarter the more that it’s used. The solution can be integrated with a wide variety of third-party solutions including: Citrix, SharePoint, Outlook, SAP,, etc.

The solution works on any iOS, Android device and a HTML5 version is available for use on PCs and Macs.

The company believes in strong engagement with customers on new feature/functionality and deployments. They are definitely worth a look and free trials are available. 


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