Empirix xCentrix Transforms Service Assurance with Actionable Insight

Empirix xCentrix Transforms Service Assurance with Actionable Insight

By Paul Robinson November 12, 2012 Leave a Comment
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Empirix xCentrix Transforms Service Assurance with Actionable Insight by Paul Robinson

Many companies have monitoring tools focused on network assurance, customer assurance, service assurance and other key OSS/BSS (Operations Support Systems/Business Support Systems) applications that provide extraordinary amounts of data. But manually analyzing and cross-correlating these traditionally siloed customer, service and operational trends to strategically enrich user experience and build revenue loyalty, while simultaneously reducing operating costs and optimizing network infrastructure is not the way to go.

Useful business analytics tools must provide the ability to quickly, intelligently and automatically create integrated analysis reports as often as needed, regardless of the employee’s background. Having the ability to present this kind of information through a single view can give an organization a distinct advantage. If this intelligence is available from mobile devices, it can speed decision-making even further, giving the organization an increased competitive edge. Such data analysis has application across network management and IT, customer service, operations, finance and human resources.

In support of this business need Empirix has announced an enhanced version of Empirix xCentrix for detecting issues in mobile, fixed line and VoIP networks as they emerge and automatically triggers advanced analytics to immediately scope and diagnose problems.

xCentrix Applications Include:

  • Optimize network performance to tightly control costs

  • Complete analysis of differentiated Quality of Service (QoS) programs

  • Support SLA verification with customers and peering partners

  • Predictive analysis and alerts for preempting issues from impacting customers

  • Understand end-to-end application performance

  • Capitalize on changing behaviors to improve collaboration

  • Optimize the subscriber experience

  • Create more profitable pricing plans

  • Evaluate and refine new service offerings

  • Discern which mobile devices burden network resources

  • Plan effective infrastructure investments

  • Roaming analysis to prevent revenue leakage.

Key Features

  • Availability of visual and analytics tools accessible from a web-based environment to easily customize real-time views of large underlying databases

  • Advanced analytics and “learning algorithms” implemented to cross-correlate device, app, customer, location and network data to find the commonalities at the root of these subscriber-impacting issues. Correlation with third-party OSS, NMS (Network Management Systems), and databases is included

  • Deep packet inspection-level application analysis implemented to pinpoint those apps that are causing signaling conditions that lead to poor experience, for the app users, localities and subscribers overall

  • Automated report delivery – to users or portals – triggered by date or data event provide a straightforward message with intelligence on the current issue along with its root cause and size of the problem

  • Customizable reports for every job function, department and business decision.

What This Means to Customers

Business analytics is all about converting data into useful information and, ultimately, knowledge that enables organizations to make better decisions. It is proactive in nature, enabling organizations to answer the following questions:

  • Why is this happening?

  • What will happen if this trend continues?

  • What do I want to happen next?

  • Which situation will result in the best outcome?

By providing this intelligence at every level across the organization, companies can work proactively and predictively to uncover new profit opportunities, carefully control costs, and enhance the customer experience, which is of vital importance to the success of every company – especially in today’s social media environment!

When you are comparing communications technology analytics solutions, there are a few questions to take into consideration, namely:

  • Will this solution provide my organization with the right information to bolster competitive differentiation and support cost control?

  • Can the right people benefit from this intelligence?

  • Will this intelligence be delivered and accessible in a timely manner?

  • Is there a close alignment of my organization's current and future business requirements with currently offered feature/functionality and the solution’s technology roadmap?

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