IceWarp 10.3 Server Provides Pillars of Unified Communication

IceWarp 10.3 Server Provides Pillars of Unified Communication

By Robbie Pleasant April 26, 2011 Leave a Comment
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IceWarp 10.3 Server Provides Pillars of Unified Communication by Robbie Pleasant

IceWarp has announced the release of IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10.3, which is designed to deliver what they call the five essential pillars of Unified Communications: communications, security, collaboration, mobility, and data access.

A key value proposition of IceWarp 10.3 Server is its low maintenance cost, with an estimated 10.4 IT staff hours total per year, and labor cost at $44 per year. This release adds several new features and enhancements to the IceWarp Desktop Client, IceWarp Outlook Connector, IceWarp Notifier, and WebClient Enhancements. Among the new features are a full set of PBX functionality, a virtual keyboard and Multi-Protocol Scanning Anti-Virus program, access to personal and shared information through Exchange ActiveSync and SyncML, multiple location synchronization for collaboration, and flexibility of communication and collaboration on multiple platforms.

“Although the company isn’t a household name in North America, it has 50 million end users, including many well-known colleges and universities in the U.S.," says Blair Pleasant of UCStrategies. "IceWarp’s focus on security makes them stand out from the crowd – they provide and integrate proprietary spam and virus protection, as well as an intrusion prevention system as part of the base system and pricing. The company claims that they offer more than 20 layers of security in the server, while Exchange has about 9 layers. For companies that are security conscious, which should be most companies, this is pretty compelling.”

As Jason Andersson of UCStrategies mentioned in his article, "IceWarp is presented as a full UC suite with basic telephony features, but most importantly a strong presence, instant messaging and collaboration suite. It includes a complete email server as well as support for FTP, instant messaging, SIP, SMS, LDAP and calendar. Most of their customers are in the SME range that look for a unified communication suite without the need of complicated installations running on multiple servers."

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