Revolabs Inc. is the premier provider of conference products for unified communications and enterprise collaboration, as well as professional audio solutions in applications across a wide range of markets. With a focus on crystal clear audio quality, the company's teleconferencing and microphone systems are utilized across the globe, from webcasts and video conferencing to podcasts and broadcasting. Revolobs' unmatched audio products let people "hear every word."

Designed with clever, stylish form factors, Revolabs solutions cut the cord, facilitating natural mobility by allowing participants to move about a workspace and still be heard, without being held back by wires. Easy to use, plug-and-play systems facilitate BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments as well as fully managed networks. The company continues to innovate audio and telephony systems that push technological boundaries, yet still support standards to mesh seamlessly with today's enterprise architectures. Revolabs systems are secure (encrypted) and environmentally friendly.

Unified Communications Conference Phones for VoIP and USB

Three products have helped solidify Revolabs' status as the innovator of speakerphones for Unified Communications (UC). Each has won prestigious "Product of the Year" designations, and each continues to receive rave reviews from consumers. The reason? Audio quality matters.

The FLX UC product family includes three game-changing speakerphones that deliver incredible sound:

  • FLX UC 500 USB Conference Phone
  • FLX UC 1000 VoIP & USB Conference Phone
  • FLX UC 1500 VoIP & USB Conference Phone with Extension Microphones

Specifically designed to be the audio solution for conference rooms, small offices, and homes, the FLX UC 500 USB Conference Phone makes PC communication clearer and easier for meetings and online collaboration. It's as easy as plug-and-play for Skype, Vidyo, Cisco Jabber, WebEx, and more. Connect to PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and other devices for fast and easy conferencing.

The FLX UC 1000 VoIP & USB Conference Phone ups the ante with added support for VoIP. This product gives IT professionals the tools they need to establish a common teleconferencing infrastructure by supporting both USB audio and SIP telephony, which today is the closest thing to having an international VoIP standard. It boasts the same great USB features as the UC 500, but it's equipped with an easy-to-use icon-based dialer featuring a 3.5-inch color display. It functions as a standard conference room phone - ideal for enterprises of all sizes. However, the unit's ability to leverage integrated SIP technology to bridge calls between market-leading IP PBX systems and USB applications makes it stand apart. Can your conference phone do that?

The FLX UC 1500 VoIP & USB Conference Phone with Extension Microphones extends superior audio quality to all. It combines two directional microphones with a base unit and dialer, and can bridge calls between VoIP and UC softphone applications - providing the industry's first all-in-one conferencing solution specifically designed for large meeting environments of up to 20 participants. This phone brings clarity for all hands on deck.

Features Users Need

What's inside the phone determines the quality of sound that comes out of it. That's why Revolabs UC products are engineered with the right technology on board. All of these phones feature:

  • True speaker sound: Most speakerphones contain tiny speakers (as small as 1"-1.5") with very limited bandwidth that simply cannot drive high volume sound. Inside each Revolabs FLX UC phone are premium tweeter and mid-woofer elements that sound much better than most devices. (Speaker frequency response: 160-20,000 Hz; Max SPL: 91 dB at 1m.) This produces superb call intelligibility via the USB port alone.
  • Four embedded microphones provide 360 degree audio pickup with an ultra-wide frequency response from 160-16,000 Hz for extended voice pick up and better sound in large conferencing spaces.
  • Integrated acoustic echo cancellation handles digital signal processing and eliminates the echo chamber effect.
  • Full duplex sound allows participants on both ends of a call to transmit and receive simultaneously - so if more than one person is speaking at a time, everyone can be heard.
  • Connection choices: BYOD, laptop, or tablet? Easy-to-initiate connections via mini USB result in an improved experience for users connecting via Skype, Jabber, GoToMeeting, or any other softphone application. For VoIP telephone sites, the FLX UC 1000 and FLX 1500 use standard CatSE or Cat6 cable with PoE. (PoE power injectors are available for those installations without PoE-capable switches.)

Revolabs is a fully owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation as of April 1, 2014. As a market-leading worldwide corporation, Yamaha's specialty in voice communication combines with Revolabs' success in audio conferencing to bring the industry a new level of audio technology expertise and reach.

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