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 UCStrategies UC Benefits and ROI Analysis Tool

Identify the value of Unified Communications and build a powerful business case
for your customers – save wasted time – increase your close rate! 

The tool is designed to meet the priorities of the CIO and CFO. During the UC sales cycle, you need the financial metrics to help identify not only the costs of the solution, but the expected returns. The UCStrategies UC Benefits and ROI Analysis Tool provides insights into the six-year costs of the UC solutions, as well as comparisons between the total costs of your proposed UC solution with the customer’s existing investment.

Most TCO tools focus solely on the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining a UC system. The UCStrategies UC Benefits and ROI Analysis Tool calculates the “value TCO” or “benefit value,” of the solution, identifying and quantifying the value that UC provides to organizations in terms of cost savings and business impact. This information is invaluable during the sales cycle.

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