Unified Communications Resources

Unified Communications Resources

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Welcome to the UC Resources section of UCStrategies.com!

The purpose of the UC Resources section is to provide a clear, practical, vendor independent service to any Enterprise that is seeking the benefits of Unified Communications. This section is managed by the UCStrategies.com co-founders who are primarily end-user consultants, operating as UniComm Consulting LLC. 

We hope you find this section helpful to your Enterprise. Click on any of the doors below to enter the UC Resources section. Your feedback is encouraged by clicking the Feedback link on any page. If you think something is missing or need more information, please let us know!

We wish you every success in the exciting area of Unified Communications!

  1. What is Unified Communications? 
  2. Unified Communications Applications 
  3. Action Planning for Unified Communications 
  4. What to Buy for Your Unified Communications Plan 
  5. Suppliers for Your Unified Communications Plan  
  6. Unified Communications Implementation Checklists 
  7. Unified Communications Budgeting 
  8. Unified Communications RFP and RFI Toolkits


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