Suppliers for Your Unified Communications Plan

Suppliers for Your Unified Communications Plan

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As indicated in What to Buy for Your Unified Communications Plan, there are four architectural options available for your UC investments, which are chosen based on your organization's strategy and UC Action Plan. The following tables provide information about the products offered by vendors in each of the four architectural categories. 

Each table has the same elements in the left column, and these elements represent the new communications functions of Unified Communications. In almost all cases, any element can be deployed and rolled out separately, though often an entire software suite (as with Microsoft, IBM, Siemens/Unify) or a set of supporting platforms (as with Avaya, Cisco, et al.) must be installed to make that single element available for deployment. The entries in the table are the product or software names for that UC element as provided by the specific supplier (as of Spring 2009).

For Telecom-Based UC (2 tables -- 8 suppliers listed):

Suppliers Telecom 1 

Telecom Suppliers 2

For Desktop-Based UC:

Suppliers Desktop

For Mobility-Based UC:

Suppliers Mobility

For Applications-Based UC:

Suppliers Applications


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