Unified Communications RFP and RFI Toolkits

Unified Communications RFP and RFI Toolkits

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Hopefully, your company does not need to use an RFP to begin investing in UC applications. RFPs can take a lot of work for both the enterprise and the responding vendors. So, if you are able to use the UC Applications page, the UC Application Descriptions, and the Case Study Library to find and justify the applications you need, that's great.

However, if you do need to or want to issue an RFP for Unified Communications, whether due to corporate governance, public entity regulations, or just the preference to have a good, fair, shopping process, then we have some help for you!

We have created a UC RFP Template that enables you to produce a top-quality first draft of a UC RFP by filling in an Excel form. Answers to the form are then used to modify a Word Document that becomes the basis for your RFP; it also creates a separate Excel workbook that you can send to the vendors for their detailed technical and feature responses. The UC RFP Template Toolkit can be viewed in "sample" form at no cost; the actual toolkit is available for purchase on the UCStrategies.com website and the price includes consultation with the UniComm Consulting team members that created the template, to assure you get the value from your purchase. 

Click to view the UC RFP Template Toolkit. Click the "More Info" button for a table of Application Descriptions and Template sample. The Excel tables are included in the sample PDF file, but are separate XLS files if the Toolkit is purchased. 

We can provide assurances that this UC RFP Toolkit works. Many companies have purchased it already and our UniComm Consulting team has used the template in client engagements. The RFPs produced from the UC RFP Template Toolkit have consistently received praise from the vendors for the completeness and organization of the requests. 

We hope this will help you in your UC purchasing activity.


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