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A selection of white papers available on the site from analysts and select vendors.

Five Ways for SMBs to Succeed Using Unified Communications

By Plantronics August 1, 2011

SMBs need to carefully evaluate the solution that best meets their needs based on their business requirements and what they’re trying to accomplish. The key is to find a solution that is simple, reliable, and cost-effective.

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Reaching Inward to Improve Customer Service

By Aastra April 13, 2011

"First call reolutions is the key to dramatically improving customer services while driving operational costs down."

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Lync 2010 and the SBA White Paper

By Dave Michels April 6, 2011

What sets Lync apart is how it integrates its tools together and with other Microsoft solutions. The user experience centers around the Lync 2010 client which offers four intuitive tabs; Contacts, Conversations, Activity Feeds, and Phone. Each tab provides presence and communications information with different perspectives. The Lync 2010 solution offers numerous significant upgrades to OCS R2. Potentially the biggest being the design and architectural improvement for branch office connectivity via the new Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA).

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The True Cost of Legacy Voice Mail

By Blair Pleasant October 26, 2010

In an effort to understand the costs of maintaining and supporting legacy voice mail systems, COMMfusion LLC conducted a study to identify the quantifiable costs of maintaining and supporting legacy voice mail systems. The results are surprising. 

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Success with Remote Agents – Is Not so Remote

This paper provides new insights to help you weigh the option of using remote agents, discusses best practices, and takes a look at new agent capabilities that are impacting the remote agent model. In addition, it includes detailed case studies of companies that have successfully deployed remote agents. 

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Unified Communications ROI for Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 Summary

By Microsoft December 19, 2008

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 delivers new functionality that can improve how your business or government enterprise operates. These improvements have the potential for a very attractive return on investment (ROI). This paper outlines the major areas where the Office Communications Server 2007 produces substantial ROI.

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High-Definition: The Evolution of Video Conferencing

By Polycom December 15, 2008

This white paper defines high-definition (HD) and how it relates to the video conferencing industry today.

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Navigating a New Generation of Conference Phone Solutions

By Polycom December 14, 2008

A guide to selecting the right conferencing solution for different room environments

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Deploying Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi Telephony

By Polycom December 11, 2008

Security, coverage, capacity and QoS considerations for ensuring excellent voice quality with enterprise
Wi-Fi networks

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Scalable Infrastructure for Distributed Video

By Polycom December 10, 2008

Distributed video is a solution and an architecture that combines the quality of room-based telepresence and the usability (ease of use) of simplified desktop video.

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Unified Communications End User Research

By Siemens Communications October 5, 2007

Unified Communications, or UC, is a relatively new technology solution category with a lot of different definitions. This research summary describes several categories of latent cost that are unnecessarily borne by businesses of every industry and size each year.

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Hosted vs. Managed

By David Yedwab August 29, 2007

Hosted vs. Managed Hosted vs managed David Yedwab David Yedwab August 29, 2007

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Integrating Telephony with Office Communications Server 2007

By Microsoft August 27, 2007

This paper defines in detail Microsoft's strategy and approach to an enterprise's integration of its telephony systems with Office Communications Server 2007. Progressively more detailed levels of technical information are included to provide readers in various disciplines an understanding of the integration that we are striving to achieve.

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Maximizing the Savings of Call Center Multi-Sourcing While Protecting Service Levels

By Echopass August 17, 2007

Many companies are moving to multi-sourcing for call center agents, largely in pursuit of the cost savings that can come from flexibly tapping into a variety of labor pools. The trend is also growing because multi-sourcing enables call center resources to be rapidly scaled in either direction to align with business

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The Business Communications Endgame: The Coming Triumph of Converged Communications as a Service (CCaaS) and What it Means

By Smoothstone August 13, 2007

The business communications “end game” is a new delivery model called “Converged Communications as a Service” (CCaaS). CCaaS will have a profound affect on all types of business communication suppliers, from equipment manufacturers to carriers and circuit providers to applications and software developers -- as wel

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Define Your Terms

By David Yedwab July 31, 2007

By 2004, "convergence" had already become a non-word to me, meaning almost anything. I often needed more elucidation before I understoof which convergence flavor they were trying to create.

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Is Now the Time for Small Businesses to Adopt VoIP

By David Yedwab July 30, 2007

Small Business has become almost an undefined term. Virtually every industry participant has its own definition, driven by both product and go-to-market models.

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Unified Communications and Collaboration for the Banking Industry(1)

By Microsoft July 28, 2007

In today’s financial services environment, strategic business needs drive IT requirements. IT departments are constantly being asked to deliver more to increase business capability—while at the same time, spending less money and using fewer resources to do it.

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Smarter Applications in a Hyperconnected World

By Nortel July 28, 2007

Imagine every product in your home equipped with a wireless sensor communicating with the network about when it’s time to buy more. You access your shopping list in real-time, with any device, wherever you are and even ‘click to buy’ so your purchases are waiting at your local store when you arrive or delivered directly to your home.

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Next Generation of Unified Communications for Enterprises

By Alcatel-Lucent July 26, 2007

To compete in today's business world, enterprises need to improve their internal and external communication flows between employees, customers, and suppliers.

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