8x8 and SoftBank Telecom Announce Partnership

8x8 and SoftBank Telecom Announce Partnership

By UCStrategies Staff February 15, 2013 Leave a Comment
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8x8 and SoftBank Telecom Announce Partnership by UCStrategies Staff

San Jose, California-based 8x8 and Tokyo-based SoftBank Telecom Corp. announce their partnership deal involving virtualized cloud data services offerings. The agreement between the two companies allows SoftBank Telecom to license 8x8’s Zerigo, a subscription-based enterprise cloud software. The licensing agreement is good for a period of at least three years.

Aside from SoftBank offering Zerigo to enterprises, the agreement also entails 8x8 to expand on developing more related software on behalf of SoftBank. Zerigo, in combination with the new VDI software, would equip the Japan-based company to further develop a comprehensive suite of virtualized cloud services making use of Vblock products from Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) Company. Selling a range of hardware and services to data centers, the VCE Company is a business venture spearheaded by Cisco, EMC, and VMWare.

SoftBank would then offer the virtual desktop interface (VDI) services to enterprises. Initially, it would sell 8x8’s platform and virtual desktop services in Japan. After that, it would expand to the rest of Asia, as well as the United States, Europe, and other markets.

During the initial three years stated in the contract, the agreement allows 8x8 to collect development and installation fees, plus ongoing license fees.

“8x8 is delighted to partner with SoftBank to deliver these valuable services to their business customers,” said Bryan Martin, chairman and CEO of 8x8. “SoftBank is one of the most agile, successful telecom service providers in the world and the speed at which they move matches 8x8’s similar culture of always leading rather than following the market.”

“SoftBank selected 8x8 after an extensive search of software providers based on 8x8’s clear commitment to quality, scalability and reliability as well as flexibility and cost competitiveness,” said Ken Miyauchi, Director of The Board at SoftBank Telecom Corp. “SoftBank is pleased to partner with such a nimble, Silicon Valley company whose culture mirrors our own and whose experience in delivering cloud services will be invaluable in helping us to rapidly deploy similar services in Japan.” (KOM) Link. Link. Link.


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