ADTRAN Enhances Partner Program, Adds Rewards

ADTRAN Enhances Partner Program, Adds Rewards

By UCStrategies Staff February 14, 2013 Leave a Comment
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ADTRAN Enhances Partner Program, Adds Rewards by UCStrategies Staff

ADTRAN, Inc., in a move to enable and grow its low-tier channel partners, scrapped the barriers in its partner program and increased the rewards for its roster of agents and resellers.

By eliminating partner hurdles and boosting rewards, the Huntsville, Alabama-based company could make its partner base, with a current stronghold of around 3,600 partners, much friendlier than before. Moreover, the equipment and tools would become more attainable should partners need them.

ADTRAN’s entry-level partners are the ones significantly affected by the channel partner program’s restructuring. Before the changes in the channel partner program were implemented, ADTRAN simply placed their Registered partners, or the low-tier partners who do not have any revenue commitments with ADTRAN, in the company’s email list then proceeded to send them product information.

Now, even without a contract, entry-level Registered partners will have a way to get “guided” discounts. Serving as a discount to ADTRAN partners, pricing to four of its distributors  Catalyst Telecom, Ingram Micro, Jenne, and Synnex  is recommended by the company. Also, partners are given access to online training that offers them with sales support and perks, including ADTRAN’s partner locator representation.

“There was really no way that Registered partners could get specialized training and any kind of benefits associated with that,” said Ted Coles, channel chief at ADTRAN, in his statement to Channel Partners. Coles also then went on to explain that an ideal Registered partner is a solutions provider that has no wireless-based endeavor but is looking into technology involving virtual wireless LAN. “They want to get engaged, they hear the banter about BYOD and feel they have a client base that solution would fit,” Coles continued, “but are not ready to make the commitment from an overall revenue standpoint.”

Talking to Channelnomics, ADTRAN’s Ted Coles said, “Our biggest change is happening with solution providers. They’re looking to get away from a single CAPEX to a monthly revenue model. I look at 2013, and where I would expect the biggest changes in our partner program would be increased sales in virtual WLAN and increased investment in deploying it.”

Incentives grow as partners add more to their ADTRAN investment. The top-tier ADvantage Plus program would open doors for partners to expand the coverage of their sales, gain the right to use demo and refurbished equipment, receive proposal-based MDFs, benefit from prioritized support, and earn performance-based incentives plus rewards for attaining certain specializations. ADvantage and ADvantage Plus partners have annual quotas of $25,000 and $100,000, respectively. (KOM) Link. Link.


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