AppFog Acquisition Leverages CenturyLink Cloud Offerings

AppFog Acquisition Leverages CenturyLink Cloud Offerings

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AppFog Acquisition Leverages CenturyLink Cloud Offerings by UCStrategies Staff

AppFog, a Portland, Oregon-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider that offers a platform for cloud application deployment, has been acquired by Monroe, Louisiana-based CenturyLink, which is a telecom company. The latter has enhanced its cloud offerings as a result of the acquisition. 

The CEO of AppFog, Lucas Carlson, said: “Our platform is very much oriented toward the needs of developers in terms of user experience, ease of use and customizability. We can also support a wide variety of languages, including Java, Ruby, Node, Python and PHP. Our platform also enables developers to choose which infrastructure they want to use, whether that be private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud or any variation of the three.”

Having logged into the system, applications can be distributed within 30 seconds, according to Carlson. There is no cost for small deployments, but the fee structure starts at $20 per month and this increases depending on the level of engagement and rising scale.

Carlson added: “Being able to combine Platform-as-a-Service with Infrastructure-as-a-Service and the network is a unique opportunity to leverage the fact that we live in a heterogeneous world of data centers. When you own the pipes that connect those data centers, you get a unique opportunity to deliver cloud services in a way that breaks down the silos of clouds that exist today.”

CenturyLink’s Savvis organization makes the AppFog offerings available, and these are listed in the cloud product catalog of Savvis.

The vice president of cloud strategy at Savvis, Jonathan King, said: “We have very deep co-location and Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities. Customers of all sizes are working with developers to build mobile applications, e-commerce applications, line-of-business applications and consumer-facing website applications. The AppFog capabilities, coupled with our infrastructure service as well as the rest our managed services, security, consulting and networking offerings, establishes an increasingly valuable portfolio.”

A number of partners also make these services available, and these include Avnet, CDW, Ingram Micro and Tech Data.

The vice president of cloud solutions at Avnet Services, Tim FitzGerald, said: “The AppFog addition is a great extension of their private cloud Platform-as-a-Service capability to now address public Platform-as-a-Service, and increase the strength of that offering. We see this as a logical extension of the channel ecosystem work that Avnet is doing with Savvis today.”

It remains unclear what the terms of the acquisition are. (CY) Link


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