AudioCodes Extends its SBC Offering to Large Enterprises

AudioCodes Extends its SBC Offering to Large Enterprises

By Robbie Pleasant January 16, 2014 1 Comments
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AudioCodes Extends its SBC Offering to Large Enterprises by Robbie Pleasant

AudioCodes is boosting its SBC game, with a new high capacity Session Border Controller. It’s also showing notable growth, with a new customer for its SIP Trunking services, indicating a greater demand for larger SBCs. Noting that an increasing number of large enterprises are using centralized SIP Trunking services to consolidate their calling traffic, AudioCodes is taking the opportunity to advance its services and offerings.

The company introduced a new high-capacity Session Border Controller (SBC), the Mediant 9000, which can support up to 16,000 simultaneous sessions, meeting the security and connectivity needs of large-scale UC solutions and IP contact center deployments. For example, the Mediant 9000 is expected to be deployed with Microsoft Lync and contact center solutions from Genesys, and is an important building block for further growth in both application spaces.

With the larger capacity offered by the new SBC, enterprise customers can better consolidate their Lync network infrastructure, thus making training, deployment, and support a simpler process.

The Mediant 9000 SBC will allow AudioCodes to extend its reach and its portfolio to the enterprise market, taking its success with the mid-market to a new level. This means it now offers centrally managed SBC functionality from the smallest of branches to the largest of enterprises, allowing for a diversified portfolio while offering uniform functionality.

“The introduction of the AudioCodes Mediant 9000 SBC reaffirms the intense interest in SIP,” says Kevin Kieller, UC Expert for UCStrategies. “I have had good success using the Mediant 4000 with Lync for large organizations and with the additional capacity of the Mediant 9000 even the largest organization or hosting provider can now be served by AudioCodes.”

In related news, Completel, a major alternative fiber optic and fixed-line network operator in France, has selected AudioCodes for part of its product catalog for connecting Enterprise UC and Telephony solutions to its SIP Trunking network. Completel has selected and deployed the Mediant 4000 SBCs from AudioCodes, thus allowing secure interconnectivity between its SIP trunk service and deployed telephony and UC platforms.

“We designed our Mediant SBCs to offer the necessary flexibility, scalability, security and reliability to deliver smooth interconnectivity between end-user communications systems and SIP Trunking services,” explained AudioCodes’ VP of Marketing, Nimrod Borovsky. “Completel’s decision to select our SBCs to connect its customers to its network is a strong endorsement of AudioCodes’ proven interoperability with leading SIP-based UC solutions such as Microsoft Lync, Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch, Cisco Call Manager, and many more.”


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Johnny Law 7/30/2014 6:55:09 PM

usually we are all aware the BHCA for IPT but how we measure Audiocode - 16,000 concurrent sessions?

Any reference contact centers are using audiocode with Genesys?

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