Avaya Provides Unified Communications to Assist Veterans

Avaya Provides Unified Communications to Assist Veterans

By Robbie Pleasant July 27, 2010 Leave a Comment
Avaya-Logo and Unified Communications Strategies
Avaya Provides Unified Communications to Assist Veterans by Robbie Pleasant

Avaya Inc's subsidiary, Avaya Government Solutions, has announced its deployment of an end-to-end Unified Communications network at the National Naval Medical Center. With its unified voice and data system, Avaya will help the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE) Traumatic Brain Injury Center to provide the communications needed when caring for veterans who have received brain injuries while serving their country.

With Avaya Government Solutions, NICoE is equipped with systems that allow for easy communication. Practitioners can be reached and assist with procedures via video teleconferencing and telemedicine, while doctors can view large files on the best platforms available. The network includes Polycom infrastructure for high-definition video-teleconferencing and teleconferencing, Avaya Communication Server 1000 products, and Avaya Data Solutions products.

According to UCStrategies UC Expert Don Van Doren, “UC can dramatically improve communications in healthcare environments. Top quality care requires rapidly finding and facilitating voice and high-quality data communications among appropriate caregivers. Avaya’s solution is a good example of the way innovatively-deployed UC capabilities can have a real impact, especially in a facility such as the TBI Center.”

For more information, visit www.avayagov.com and www.avaya.com


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