BYOD Problems Addressed by Sencha’s new HTML5 Platform

BYOD Problems Addressed by Sencha’s new HTML5 Platform

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BYOD Problems Addressed by Sencha’s new HTML5 Platform by UCStrategies Staff

End users, IT departments and application developers have many problems relating to the BYOD trend. However, Redwood City, California-based Sencha states that is able to address these issues.

The new HTML5 platform from Sencha, called Sencha Space, appears like an app on the personal devices of employees, and accommodates all business-related apps within the platform without mixing up personal data; this can be managed remotely by a company’s IT department and is secure.

The vice president of marketing at Sencha, Paul Kopacki, said that the new platform is a great solution and addresses BYOD issues from the viewpoint of the end user, IT departments and developers.

Kopacki noted: “From an end-user perspective, Sencha Space is just another app that sits right next to Angry Birds and Twitter. Once you click on the app, it opens a space where your work apps live.”

IT can deliver, manage and remove any app in Sencha Space, through the cloud. It is also possible for apps related to operations to be removed and apps for sales installed if an employee moves from operations to sales. Similarly, devices can be cleared of all apps and information if an employee leaves the company.

Kopacki commented: “All applications are managed separately on a user's device and are perfectly safe for IT. Everything running within Sencha Space is encrypted.”

The CEO at Sencha, Michael Mullany, said: “When you look at the number of mobile apps being built in enterprise, it's just starting. One of the things holding [developers] up is how to do this securely.”

Modus Create is a Reston, Virginia-based developer and Sencha partner, and the CTO of that company, Jay Garcia, stated that they are keen to get their hands on the new Sencha product.

Garcia said: “BYOD is concerning. For an employee to come into our organization and for us to say we will install software on their phone, Sencha Space is going to make it where we won't have to be concerned. [Those concerns] are null because we know we don't have to have root level access, it will be in the encrypted sandbox.” He added that there is a potential in app-to-app communication, which will be a huge opportunity for enterprise app developers.

The Partner Program at Sencha has three tiers: Community Members, Select Partners and Premier Partners. Community Members have a free advertising avenue and can be contacted directly by clients via Sencha’s online developer company. Select Partners need two staff members to become Sencha-certified, and Premier Partners need five staff members to become Sencha-certified and benefit fully from respective partner benefits.

Details regarding the price or availability of Sencha Space has not been released by the company; it is currently in the developer preview phase. (CY) Link


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