Citrix Mobile Applications Made More Accessible

Citrix Mobile Applications Made More Accessible

By UCStrategies Staff February 14, 2013 Leave a Comment
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Citrix Mobile Applications Made More Accessible by UCStrategies Staff

A new swathe of expansions are to be introduced by Citrix to the company's mobility solutions suite. Collaboration, data sharing, IT support and remote access applications for the Android, iOS, Windows RT/8, and Blackberry OS platforms will all increase in availability, according to Citrix.

Some of the functionality options which have been introduced by Citrix to their mobile applications are outlined in the next two paragraphs.

Mobile applications such as remote support and remote access will be introduced via GoToAssist and GoToMyPC, and will be made available on the Samsung Android devices. On Windows 8 Tablets, ShareFile availability will be introduced, and the Android platform will have enhanced passcode support for this solution.

Additionally, GoToMeeting will be included for Windows RT and Android devices, and this will also ensure that users will be able to collaborate through presentations, meetings and reports. Finally, the Blackberry Z10 will also make Citrix's work collaboration platform available.

Citrix has improved these applications in the hope that they will meet the rising demand in the mobile workforce. The company noted that, according to a recent report from Forrester, around 29 percent of employees around the world use an average of three or more devices each day when conducting their work. This is also done over a variety of locations, and device mobility needs to meet these changing trends.

Citrix's mobile applications ensure that there is greater connectivity, flexibility and security, allowing for the safe and efficient transfer of information and communication across devices from different places. Citrix allows executives to work, meet and collaborate from both within and outside of organizations – simply and securely – over a range of devices.

The recent enhancements which have been made by Citrix are aimed towards meeting and improving that end. (CY) Link. Link


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