Dell-Wipro Partnership Develops “Cloud First” Strategy

Dell-Wipro Partnership Develops “Cloud First” Strategy

By UCStrategies Staff February 14, 2013 Leave a Comment
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Dell-Wipro Partnership Develops “Cloud First” Strategy by UCStrategies Staff

Dell has stated that the world's largest integration cloud, Dell Boomi division, will be partnering with Wipro Technologies, based in India. The latter firm is a division of Wipro Limited. A new “Cloud First” strategy will be developed for Wipro customers and will allow basic scaling of operations.

The Founder and General Manager at Dell Boomi, Rick Nucci, stated: “With the move to cloud computing growing exponentially, CIOs and IT organizations are looking for ways to manage and integrate applications without the cost and complexity associated with enterprise offerings.”

Nucci added: “Working with Wipro as a solution partner allows us to help IT organizations simplify the move to cloud computing through easy integration with existing enterprise IT environments and offer unparalleled value to enterprise customers.”

Wipro has had over 30 years of experience in information technology and is an IT, outsourcing and consulting organization. It is expected that the new Dell-Wipro partnership will allow customers to have a more competitive space in a time when more and more companies are beginning to adopt the cloud.

The senior vice president at Wipro Technologies, Bhanumurthy B. M., commented on news of the partnership: “Through this partnership, Wipro’s Business Integration practice will continue to address the growing need of holistic integration services for customers in this era of rising adoption of cloud-based technologies and applications.”

A Dell report notes that Dell Boomi ran over 1 million on-premise and cloud integration processes per day through its easy-to-use system. Customers and users of the service are able to connect different apps (on-premise and cloud-based) regardless of location, and do not require coding via a drag-and-drop interface. Users will be able to manage/monitor applications from any device following the completion of integrations. (CY) Link


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