Esnatech launches Mobile UC Software with Mobile UC Client

Esnatech launches Mobile UC Software with Mobile UC Client

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Esnatech launches Mobile UC Software with Mobile UC Client by Robbie Pleasant

Esna Technologies Inc. recently launched a version of its Mobile Unified Communications software for Microsoft Windows Mobile devices: the Mobile UC software with Mobile UC Client.

It promises to deliver fixed-to-mobile convergence for several wireless devices with a variety of enterprise PBX systems, as well as provide a complete communications and collaboration solution for mobile users, integrating presence, messaging, mobility, and computer telephony. The integration of unified communications to wireless devices is intended to increase the ability for mobile users to connect to their office with the same ease as they would have at their desk.

According to Blair Pleasant, co-founder of, "As the primary business communication device moves from the office phone to the mobile device, it’s important that mobile workers have access to their UC capabilities regardless of location or device. By enabling its Mobile UC software for Windows Mobile devices, Esna is enabling more customers to leverage their UC benefits regardless of location. The mobile device is quickly overtaking the desk phone for enterprise communications needs, and users require their full suite of UC capabilities to be available on their mobile devices. By providing its new Mobile UC Client software for Windows Mobile as a free download, Esna is making it easier for its customers to access and manage their office communications."

Esnatech's new UC Mobile software will allow users to access several functions from the wireless devices, including:
- Managing office presence and integrating with enterprise presence solutions
- Defining their presence to colleagues in the office from even a mobile phone
- See and find the presence and availability of colleagues in the office
- Initiate and participate in instant messaging sessions
- View complete call history to and from one's office phone, as well as manage live office calls directly from the mobile device and initiate calls from a mobile device through one's office phone system

The new application installs the latest Windows Mobile operating system onto the mobile device, then connects to the Telephony Office-LinX platform via IP, connecting it to both the enterprise PBX and e-mail platform. With it, users can view workgroups and chose the best way to communicate with co-workers, improving connectivity of wireless users to their office and improve productivity with quick and easy communication.

It can be downloaded for free from by searching for Esna or UC Mobile, or from here.


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