GE Healthcare Verifies Masergy as a Centricity Partner

GE Healthcare Verifies Masergy as a Centricity Partner

By Robbie Pleasant October 31, 2017 Leave a Comment
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GE Healthcare Verifies Masergy as a Centricity Partner by Robbie Pleasant

Masergy has announced that its Global Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) has been selected to join GE Healthcare’s Centricity Partner Program. This means that Masergy’s solution is now certified to work with the Centricity software suite, so GE healthcare customers can use the two together to meet their business needs.

GE’s Centricity Partner Program was launched in May 2016, and is designed to recognize the software and services that work alongside Centricity software. As part of its strategic commitment to GE Healthcare, Masergy has hired Bob Morton as Vice President of Strategic Accounts to manage and enhance Masergy’s relationship with GE.

Masergy’s Global UCaaS is used by healthcare organizations to move from on-premises PBX systems to a cloud communications model. In doing so, they can see lowered costs and an improved ability to measure patient experiences. It can integrate with solutions such as Salesforce and Zendesk, using its APIs to integrate its communications features with a range of enterprise services, which now includes GE Healthcare’s Centricity software.

The solution offers features such as call recording, automated attendants, and call center queues, as well as global private dialing with no long distance charges, and seamless voice, video, and instant messaging communications. It also uses cloud-based tools and real-time analytics to allow for easier systems management, and provides built-in disaster recovery.

To become a verified Centricity Partner, Masergy’s Global UCaaS was tested alongside the Centricity software suite, determining if it can reduce implementation time for customers and resolve common problems. As it has passed the test, GE Healthcare customers can now leverage Masergy’s technology to help their patients.

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