Hourly Optimization Software from Silver Peak via AWS Marketplace

Hourly Optimization Software from Silver Peak via AWS Marketplace

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Hourly Optimization Software from Silver Peak via AWS Marketplace by UCStrategies Staff

In the data-heavy cloud environment, it is essential that there are options in place for backup and disaster recovery. However, there are many complexities involved in implementing this, such as the cost of replicating data for disaster recovery purposes, over long distances, with no network bottlenecks.  

Santa Clara, California-based Silver Peak Systems is providing a solution to the issue; its WAN-optimizing Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture software is available by the hour from Amazon Web Services through the AWS marketplace.

The director of cloud and virtualization product management at Silver Peak, Vivian Xu, states that customers will be able to access the company’s Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture software via a range of network capacity options and through annual or perpetual licensing; Xu said: “They can mix and match.”

Data between data centers, remote offices and the cloud is accelerated with Silver Peak’s software. This both strengthens performance and lowers pricing. Furthermore, up to an 80 percent saving can be made through the use of this technology compared to wide area network connections which are not optimized, according to the company.

The senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Larry Cormier, commented on the advantages of the AWS-Silver Peak relationship to channel partners, stating: “It's an additional arrow in their quiver.”

The founder and CEO of Stratalux, Jeremy Przygode, noted that lower costs and better performance in public and private cloud connectivity are ideal for making Silver Peak relevant to solution providers that assist companies to combine AWS with existing solutions and cloud solutions.

Przygode said that the software from Silver Peak can meet the cloud requirements of some companies and eradicate the need to use direct connect, which builds a network hard link to particular data centers. This can however be time-consuming and costly to set up.

Solution providers will be able to provide cloud-based services chosen from the Amazon marketplace instead of developing a cloud data center of their own, as a result of the Silver Peak software. Additionally, solution providers will not need to be worried about latency in data transfer, which can be caused by bottlenecks.

Data center consolidation, data migration, cloud computing, disaster recovery, server centralization and hosted virtual desktops are large IT initiatives which are concerned with latency.

Enterprise needs seamless transition, according to Cormier. He said: “That’s what WAN optimization was made for.” (CY) Link


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