iPad Tablets, and Other Smartphones Supported with Microsoft CRM Apps

iPad Tablets, and Other Smartphones Supported with Microsoft CRM Apps

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iPad Tablets, and Other Smartphones Supported with Microsoft CRM Apps by UCStrategies Staff

Apple iPad tablet computers can now be supported by Microsoft, due to the expected released of the company’s CRM applications. These will provide support to Apple and Android smartphones later in the year.

New releases of Microsoft’s on-premise and online Dynamics CRM 2013 application suites will be available this coming fall, and will provide iPad support, according to the company. Communication and collaboration capabilities will also be provided through the new release, and the option for integration with Microsoft’s Yammer, Skype and Lync will also be available.

The iPad support is the latest move by Microsoft in its attempt to support mobile systems other than its own Windows operating system. A native version of its flagship Office application suite became available last month for the Apple iPhone.

According to the general manager of Microsoft Dynamics, Fred Studer, the iPad tablet and Windows 8 tablets will be supported by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall '13. Following these releases, support will be provided by Microsoft to the Windows 8 phones, Apple iPhones and phones using the Android mobile OS.

Zero2Ten is a Microsoft partner that is located in Alpharetta, Georgia. The chief customer officer at that company, David Kohar, said: “Mobile is just an expectation now. Obviously, this is going to be great functionality to have.” He added that there is an increasing demand for Dynamics CRM on a variety of mobile devices.

Salesforce.com is a rival of Dynamics CRM Online, and Studer added that with a subscription fee of $44 per-person, per-month for Microsoft applications, it is possible for customers to subscribe to the service and purchase every employee iPad for the price of subscribing to Salesforce.com. Kohar said: “We're seeing a huge opportunity to push into the whole mobile marketplace with this release.”

Yammer will also be well-integrated with the new Dynamics CRM. Yammer is the social media for business software which Microsoft bought in 2012 for the price of $1.2 billion with Microsoft’s Lync and Skype communication technologies. Yammer has never previously been connected with the on-premises version of Dynamics CRM. Studer noted that in the past, there were “loose integrations” with other products in the past, but there are more extensive connections now.

Kohar said: “The Yammer piece is really significant. We're seeing tons of opportunities for this.” He commented that there is a rising use of social messaging systems within sales teams, who are the main users of CRM applications.

Capabilities for creating and changing business processes and workflows are provided with the new and enhanced releases of Dynamics CRM. It is also possible to integrate MarketingPilot (Microsoft’s marketing automation software) with the applications. (CY) Link


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