Mitel Announces New Plan for Mobile-First Environment

Mitel Announces New Plan for Mobile-First Environment

By Robbie Pleasant October 20, 2015 Leave a Comment
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Mitel Announces New Plan for Mobile-First Environment by Robbie Pleasant

Mitel has recently provided an outline of its strategic vision, aimed at the constantly changing mobile-first environment. The company hopes to use its cloud offering to remove the technical blockades between enterprise and mobile silos, providing better access to mobile, collaboration, and information tools.

Mitel’s strategy is based around a vision of a mobile-first environment, made possible through the cloud. This environment makes mobile access to communications, tools, and information previously requiring physical locations possible while on-the go. At the same time, enterprise and mobile networks can switch between one another without a moment’s distraction. To make this vision a reality, Mitel has three big steps.

The first is to power mobile enterprise using the real-time cloud. Mitel’s cloud portfolio allows for real-time voice, video, and collaboration, which are helpful for improving communication speed and flexibility.

The second is to leverage 4G LTE capabilities, providing its VoWiFi solutions and WiFi Calling services to mobile carriers on three continents (Asia, Europe, and North America). The combination of enterprise WiFi’s availability with IP-based 4G mobile networks provides a consistent user experience between mobile services and in-building network access.

Thirdly, Mitel aims to bring mobile applications and services to the mobile enterprise through a new, dedicated technology accelerator. The company aims to develop and bring to market new real-time mobile applications and cloud services, including new mobile capabilities for hospitality customers.

"Mobility is rapidly dominating all forms of business communications and cloud-based services are best enabling endpoint communications access,” says Art Rosenberg, UC Expert for UCStrategies. “The big challenge is that all mobile end users are demanding their choice of mobile device, better known as ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD), which presents the challenge of different user interfaces (UI) for every mobile application."

Art adds: "Mitel is targeting the different communication service providers to BYOD end users by enabling them to more easily deal with their different applications and mobile endpoint devices with cloud-based offerings for different market types, i.e., wireless carriers (VoWiFi), contact centers (MiContact Center), enterprise organizations (MiCollab), hospitality customers (Hospitality network integrated solutions), etc. Mitel's approach recognizes the big challenge to support BYOD through cloud-based and hybrid applications and UC flexibility and has started down the right track."

Additionally, Mitel has announced a new series of products and services, designed to create a foundation for mobile enterprises by leveraging real-time, cloud, and mobile technologies. The hope is that this combination of offerings will accelerate access to real-time services, offering features such as tap-to-connect communications and collaboration tools for smartphones and improved intelligent customer service capabilities.

Mitel is also expanding the MiCloud platform to France, UK, and Germany. This expends its geographic support of multi-tenant, multi-instance cloud platforms, and helps service providers address customer demand in those markets.

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