Mitel Launches Several New Communication Solutions

Mitel Launches Several New Communication Solutions

By Robbie Pleasant February 2, 2016 Leave a Comment
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Mitel Launches Several New Communication Solutions by Robbie Pleasant

At its Mitel Next event in Berlin, Mitel has announced a series of new solutions, intended to boost the implementation of the company’s strategic vision of the cloud-based mobile enterprise. These new solutions are aimed at the ever-changing needs of the mobile-first world, and hope to enable real-time communications and collaboration without being obstructed by legacy systems.

There are several new additions to Mitel’s portfolio. First and foremost is the Mitel Mobile Cloud Suite, a platform designed to allow Tier 2 and 3 mobile carriers to provision hosted VoLTE, ViLTE, VoWiFi, and Advanced Messaging services in a quick and cost-effective manner.

There’s also Mobile Multi-ID, which integrates a user’s identity across their many devices, allowing them to associate several phone lines and features on a single device. Multi-ID also allows for two identities on a single phone, so users can keep their business and personal lines separate without needing multiple devices.

Additionally, Mitel has released the first product from the Mitel Accelerator initiative: Mitel Embedded Communications. This embeds Mitel’s communications and contact center capabilities into FieldAware’s mobile field service-scheduling software, combining the location-based technology, CRM tools, and real-time communications into a single package. With it, service workers can connect with back-office staff in real-time, which can in turn quickly dispatch the right workers wherever they’re needed.

According to Blair Pleasant, co-founder of UCStrategies: “What I like about Mitel Embedded Communications solution is that it brings together many of Mitel’s current offerings, including mobile, real-time communications, cloud communications, and contact center technology, and integrates them with FieldAware's mobile field service management solution.”

She adds, “Mitel created the MitelNext Accelerator, where an entrepreneurial group within Mitel worked together to look at intersection of at least two of Mitel’s markets, such as cloud and enterprise or mobile and enterprise, and were given one year to introduce new products. The first product released is Mitel Embedded Communications, which embeds Mitel's real-time communications and contact center capabilities into FieldAware’s mobile field service-scheduling software to provide mobile communications to field service organizations. Field-based workers can link back to the enterprise and identify who’s available and who has the right skills, and connect with them via voice or video, and share pictures and videos to get real time assistance. This makes it easier for field technicians to better service customers through real-time communications."

Another new solution is MiTeam, a mobile-first team collaboration solution. It includes real-time, native integration, and provides instant collaboration for screen sharing, content collaboration, and voice and video meetings. The collaboration and communication features can be extended to participants outside the work environment, including customers and partners, and is designed with project and topic-based workstreams.

As Pleasant notes, “Mitel made quite a few announcements last week at the Mitel Next event in Berlin, but what stood out the most for me is MiTeam, a cloud-based team collaboration tool to help workers better work together on projects with tools like chat, audio and video conferencing, and document sharing and editing. There have been many team collaboration services introduced in the past year, but MiTeam seems to make it easier for people outside of the organization, such as contractors and consultants, to join from a web browser and be added as guests. Everyone can share documents, and access the latest version from the document repository where all of the relevant information and content is available for the team members to access from the cloud. Mitel has been promising ‘mobile first’ applications, and MiTeam was developed with mobile in mind from the start. The first iteration is purely cloud based, which means that users can integrate this with their premises-based voice solutions, but I expect Mitel to add this capability in a future release.”

Mitel MiCloud is also expanding further across the globe, with new launches in Germany and France. This extends its cloud services to more endpoints and more users in more key countries, in addition to its existing services in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Last but not least, Mitel is offering Real-Time Healthcare, a cloud-based, mobile and M2M integrated technology designed for eldercare. It brings real-time communications technology to an important subsection of the healthcare market, to better enhance their lifestyles.

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