More Tech Workers Favor Microsoft Surface over iPad, iPhone over Android

More Tech Workers Favor Microsoft Surface over iPad, iPhone over Android

By UCStrategies Staff February 14, 2013 Leave a Comment
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More Tech Workers Favor Microsoft Surface over iPad, iPhone over Android by UCStrategies Staff

A Forrester Research survey shows that nearly one third of 9,766 global tech workers in the enterprise sector say that they prefer their next tablet to run on a Windows software platform. The annual Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends survey by Forrester Research also uncovers the preference of tech workers for the iPhone over the Android smartphone. 

For tablets, 32 percent of information workers surveyed prefer Microsoft Surface, 26 percent favor the iPad, while 12 percent choose Android tablets. Moreover, the Forrester survey gives a picture of the work habits of global information workers. At least weekly and for work purposes, 21 percent use a tablet, while 48 percent use a smartphone.

Channel Partners’ Craig Galbraith opined that the lead of Microsoft Surface in the business environment could be partly attributed to the prevalence of Windows and the applications running on its platform. When the tech workers were surveyed, they “might just assume they would have to get one with Microsoft's operating system anyway – or would need to have the Surface in order for it to be compatible with everything else they run.”

However, a survey by Net Applications, an internet market research firm, shows that Windows 8 captures a mere 2.26 percent share of the market for the PC operating system.

Talking to CIO Journal, Ted Schadler, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, commented, “It’s not game over for Microsoft.” He also said that the 2013 Workforce Adoption Trend survey was conducted before the launch of Microsoft Surface.

And regarding the practicability of replacing laptops with Surface Pro for work purposes, Schadler said, “The idea that I can take a laptop away from an employee and give them a tablet is a fantasy.” He noted that if CIOs opt for the Surface Pro instead of a laptop, it would be difficult to provide workers with all the apps they need for their jobs.

According to the Forrester Research survey, when it comes to smartphones, 33 percent show preference for the iPhone, 22 percent for the Android, and 10 percent for the Windows Phone.

Seventy-nine percent of enterprise tech workers surveyed say that they do not use the tablet for work purposes, while 17 percent are not interested to use one. For those respondents who say that they use tablets for work, 58 percent use an iPad.

Meanwhile, the most widely used platforms for the enterprise sector are desktop and notebook computing devices. As for the frequency of use, 84 percent rely on a desktop weekly, while 63 percent say they use a notebook computing solution weekly. (KOM) Link. Link. Link. Link.


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