New SugarCRM Cloud Deployment Option

New SugarCRM Cloud Deployment Option

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New SugarCRM Cloud Deployment Option by UCStrategies Staff

At the SugarCon 2013 event in New York, a new deployment option was announced by SugarCRM. Customers of the company will have the option to choose services that can be distributed and made available through a private cloud option, and this will be managed by the Sugar team.

Total data isolation, dedicated resources and support for automatic or scheduled updates are included in the new Private Cloud deployment option for SugarCRM. It will also be possible to migrate between cloud and on-premise locations, as required by the user. Countries such as Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, Singapore and the U.S. will make the Private Cloud option available to users. 

The CPO at SugarCRM, Lila Tretikov, said: “Sugar Private Cloud gives our customers an opportunity to get the best of both worlds – a fully managed CRM service with the location, access, and service levels they choose. By leveraging on-demand cloud services without giving up control of their mission-critical data, performance, and security requirements, organizations can work at the speed of business across the world, and deliver a superior end-user experience globally.”

By subscribing to the Sugar Private Cloud, users will be able to use a service that will allow them to choose the delivery model most suitable for their requirements and adapt the chosen delivery model as those needs change. Three delivery model options are offered by the vendor, and these include the SugarCRM On-Demand Multitenant service, SugarCRM On-Site and the new Sugar Private Cloud.

The cloud services from SugarCRM's cloud services are competing directly with and Microsoft Dynamics, and $33 million in financing was raised last year to battle more efficiently in the enterprise market. The company has been increasing at quite a good rate, and there is also focus on a channel-oriented go-to-market strategy, which wins over resellers which had been former partners with other CRM providers. (CY) Link. Link


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