Nokia Siemens Intros New Tools to Optimize Mobile Video

Nokia Siemens Intros New Tools to Optimize Mobile Video

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Nokia Siemens Intros New Tools to Optimize Mobile Video by UCStrategies Staff

Nokia Siemens Networks debuts new tools that enable improved video performance on mobile devices. The data networking and telecommunications equipment company touts that its new video optimization solution can match video quality to a user’s mobile device, as well as minimize radio network loading by up to 25 percent and video stalling by up to 90 percent.

“More people than ever are using video streaming applications on their smartphones. According to Informa Telecoms and Media, video streaming will account for a third of mobile data traffic on mobile handsets in 2016,” said Antti Romppanen, head of packet core product management at Nokia Siemens Networks. “This translates into a lot of video. By bringing together our capabilities for best ever video, operators can ensure that subscribers have a smooth viewing experience even during congested busy hours.”

Nokia Siemens claims that its new mobile video optimization tools will enable carriers to provide smooth video streaming to their subscribers. Delivering seamless video streaming can be difficult when a lot of users are watching from the same base station.

In February 2013 at the Mobile World Congress, Nokia Siemens unveiled a portfolio of network performance technologies called Liquid Broadband. And these recent mobile video capabilities started off from the said product suite. The new mobile video capabilities have been developed by combining Nokia Siemens’ Flexi Content Optimizer, policy management software, and real-time congestion awareness.

Flexi Content Optimizer can adjust video to the screen size of the mobile device. That way, the network does not end up wasting capacity by dispatching a larger video stream that cannot be displayed by the device. Radio network resources are used more efficiently, thereby lowering the cost of transmission and network investment. Flexi Content Optimizer can also cache frequently loaded content.

When a base station becomes heavily loaded, the new real-time congestion awareness can set off steps to conserve bandwidth, including giving preference (based on policies) to traffic for high-priority users.

Also, it can be remembered that around the time of the Liquid Broadband launch, Nokia Siemens competitor Cisco Systems announced Quantum, a software architecture that includes, among others, a network abstraction suite for real-time network data collection, an analytics suite to help make real-time policy decisions based on data visualization, and a Wide Area Network orchestration suite equipped with network management tools. (KOM) Link. Link.


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