Oracle-NetSuite Alliance Merges Companies’ Applications

Oracle-NetSuite Alliance Merges Companies’ Applications

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Oracle-NetSuite Alliance Merges Companies’ Applications by UCStrategies Staff

Oracle’s human capital management (HCM) applications will be merged with NetSuite’s ERP applications (the company's application suite for small and mid-size businesses), forming a partnership between both companies, it was announced last week. 

This is the third such alliance which was unveiled by Oracle last week; the other two alliances were with rivals Microsoft and However, Oracle and NetSuite already have good ties.

This partnership will ensure that both companies can better rival application developer SAP, a key competitor to both vendors, and Workday, a cloud HCM application vendor.

The CEO at Oracle, Larry Ellison, is a majority shareholder in NetSuite, and the latter’s applications were once provided to Oracle through the Oracle Small Business Suite label.

The president at Oracle, Mark Hurd, commented on the partnership saying: “These are two companies that like each other. We're going to put a lot of effort into making this alliance extremely successful.”

The NetSuite ERP comes with a HCM component, but the CEO of NetSuite, Zach Nelson, and Hurd, noted that the move will allow joint customers the opportunity to use Oracle HCM Cloud with NetSuite software.

Hurd noted that the merging will be improved gradually, starting from next quarter. Sales resources will be dedicated by Oracle in order to collaborate with NetSuite on joint deals, and Nelson stated that customers to the Oracle product would be referred by his company’s sales representatives.

Modules for talent management, recruiting, employee performance management, compensation management and other tasks will be part of Oracle HRM Cloud.

Nelson said: “Customers will benefit from the commonality of the products' underlying Oracle-based architecture and the enormous investment in R&D and customer service that both companies bring to the table.”

Deloitte is a systems integrator which is involved in the partnership; it creates a practise to provide tools and implementation services to assist customers in putting the combined Oracle-NetSuite applications to use.

Oracle’s software will be certified and supported by the company, it was announced last week, and this includes its flagship database and middleware products, on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud platform and Hyper-V virtualization technology. License mobility is also being provided to customers that are keen to operate Oracle software on Azure. Fully licensed and supported Java for Azure is being offered by Microsoft, in return.

Both Oracle and unveiled a nine-year pact under which Salesforces will standardize on Oracle’s database, Linux and Java middleware, and will also implement Oracle’s Exadata Database Machine in its data centers. (CY) Link


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